If You're A Leo, These Are Probably Your Favorite Types Of Songs

No matter how into astrology you are, you may have been shocked once or twice about the accuracy of a daily horoscope, or your birth chart, which uses more extensive details like your time and place of birth to determine elements of your personality. Sure, there are people that liken the zodiac to believing in magic, but as anyone who has analyzed their moon sign, rising sign, Venus, and Mars signs knows, astrology is scarily precise. Most people just know their sun sign, which is the main sign in astrology and is easiest to identify. The sun sign describes your basic, most intrinsic self. This is the way you would most quickly characterize yourself. 

The other signs are just as important, though, and can be the difference between seeing the zodiac as a fairy tale and truly understanding its specificity. Your moon sign describes your emotional self, your rising is your "mask" or the way others see you, your Venus is who you are in love, and Mars is the planet of both your sexuality and the mechanisms you use when angry (per Mind Body). Still, while an individual's birth chart tells their complete story, your sun sign can be just as useful in understanding who you are in the world.

Since your sun sign largely remains constant throughout your life, it's extremely important (via Live About). If you're a Leo, then you probably already know you love to be the life of the party, and your amazing music taste follows suit.

Leos are always the life of the party, so they like dance music

Ah, you Leos shine as bright as the sun, which noncoincidentally rules your sign. As explained by Allure, just like the lions you symbolize, Leos are larger than life, natural leaders, and they attract people, opportunities, great conversations, and adventures. You gravitate toward the center of a room, and always make for a memorable presence. You are known for being notoriously sociable. Leos are fire signs like Aries and Sagittarius, all of which are passionate and dive head-first into life without always thinking things through. 

That being said, while Aries have more of a forever-young streak, and Sagittarius signs veer more toward the philosophical, intellectual realms, Leos are downright aristocratic in the way they walk through the world (per The Cut). The true "king of the jungle" no matter where they head off to, Leos are boisterous, slightly dramatic, fun, and loud. They are also deeply romantic, even if their relationships can be a bit of a rollercoaster. Leos are supernovas, so their love of pop bangers and bass-heavy dance music makes perfect sense.

According to Bustle, Leos love music that is "theatrical and fun," such as songs from Broadway plays like "Wicked," "Hamilton," "Chicago," and the always-singable "Mamma Mia." They live for the drama, so songs that manage to mesh an upbeat tempo and emotional lyrics are a match made in heaven for Leos. Still, Leos also love pop music, particularly from Y2K-era radio queens like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. 

Dance the night away to these Leo singers

Of course, why not go full throttle in your astrological music tastes by listening to the artists that share your sign? It's no coincidence that many of the Leo singers that are on the airwaves today usually sing upbeat tracks, peppered with fast-paced lyricism, tons of bass drops, synths, and pop sensibilities. Songs by Leos tend to get inspired by genres like house, EDM, hip-hop, or bubblegum pop — anything that's danceable and makes you want to get off your seat and jump around all night.

Since Leos are always at the center of the room, Leo celebrities take their star power to another level, rising to the top of their field with apparent ease. For one, none other than queen-of-everything Jennifer Lopez is a Leo, and she demonstrates both the steady, hardworking tendencies of this sign and their high-wattage shine, no matter where they go. Get inspired and listen to J.Lo's "On The Floor" or "Ain't Your Mama" next time you're getting ready to go out for all the Leo vibes. 

Similarly, Dua Lipa is another Leo singer, and her electronic-tinged bops are a testament to this sign. We recommend playing her epic "Cold Heart" or "Levitating" at your next party. Meanwhile, Mick Jagger is the original Leo powerhouse singer, showing just how much this sign loves to dance. Show off your own Jagger moves by dancing the night away to "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (via The Famous People). Classic.