Joe Biden Takes A Jab At Donald Trump Over Windmills

Even before Joe Biden took over Donald Trump's role as the President of the United States, they were feuding. According to U.S. News, Trump had been consistently tweeting about Biden for years. One of Trump's now-deleted tweets read, "Sleepy Joe Biden just admitted he worked with segregationists and separately, has already been very plain about the fact that he will be substantially raising everyone's taxes if he becomes president. Ridiculously, all Democrats want to substantially raise taxes!"

That tweet is just one example of the many Trump would fire off when he had a Twitter account. One of his favorite topics to both tweet about and argue over with Biden was windmills (via CNN). Starting in 2013, Trump started tweeting about windmills. It started with "Any turbine in close proximity to a school must go!" and continued with "Economics behind ugly, bird killing wind turbines do not work — will destroy Scotland's beautiful coastline."

Over time, the tweets got more intense and the windmill battle turned personal between Biden and Trump. Recently, Biden brought back the windmill drama with a jab at the former president.

Biden poked fun at something ridiculous Trump said

The windmill controversy heated up in 2019 when Trump made the interesting proclamation that they cause cancer (via The Hill). At the Republican Congressional Committee's annual spring dinner, he said, "If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 percent in value. And they say the noise causes cancer," adding, "If you love birds, you never want to walk under a windmill, because it's a sad, sad sight."

Of course, the noise of windmills does not cause cancer, and the Department of Energy has stated that bird deaths from windmills are rare. However, the comments he made have come back to haunt him.

Recently, President Biden made a joke about the infamous claims Trump made. Biden joked, "Are you getting less resistance when you start talking about wind and the windmills?" I know they cause cancer," he continued, "Bad joke. I shouldn't kid about that. I shouldn't have kidded" (per People). If Trump still had access to Twitter, you know he would have a lot to say about this joke Biden made!