Days Of Our Lives Relationship Timeline: Ben And Ciara

"Days of Our Lives" fans love a good romance, and the coupling of Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) and Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) certainly delivered. On paper, it doesn't seem that Ciara and Ben would be a likely match. Ciara is the daughter of one of Salem's most beloved couples, Hope and Bo Brady, per Soap Central. Being raised by two police officers should have led Ciara to stay far away from Ben, who has been known to get himself into trouble time and time again. He was even revealed to be the Necktie Killer, the serial killer who strangled his victims to death. However, after getting help, Ben emerged medicated and stable and ready to create a new life for himself (via Soaps in Depth).

In addition, both Ciara and Ben had messy love lives before finding each other. Ciara had previously been in love with her best friend, Theo Carver, who was then dating her niece Claire Brady. Meanwhile, Ben entered into a serious relationship with Abigail Deveraux. The two became engaged and when Abby found out she was pregnant, Ben was presumed to be the baby's father, although it was later revealed Chad DiMera was the father of the child.

Through it all, Ben and Ciara have triumphed. So, let's look back at their incredible love story.

Ben and Ciara's relationship started in an unconventional way

Ben Weston and Ciara Brady knew of each other before their first meeting. As Ben prepared to leave Salem to start a new life, he came across Ciara on the outskirts of Salem. She had crashed her motorcycle and needed medical attention, per She Knows Soaps. Ben took Ciara to the infamous cabin where he had once held his former girlfriend Abigail hostage and proceeded to take care of her. The two bonded during the traumatic experience, and when Ben was accused of setting the cabin on fire, Ciara defended him.

Ben and Ciara went on to create a strong friendship, and Ciara invited Ben to move into her apartment with her and her boyfriend Tripp Dalton, which caused tension between her and Tripp. The two shared many close moments while living together, and Ben revealed that he had feelings for Ciara. The feeling seemed to be mutual and after Ben fixed Ciara's motorcycle, she started to fall hard for him. Not long after, the pair officially became a couple. However, it wasn't a happily ever after for the duo.

Ciara saved Ben from death row

"Days of Our Lives" viewers watched as Ben Weston and Ciara Brady's love continued to grow, despite the fact that Ciara's mother Hope Brady wasn't on board with the relationship. However, the pair were so in love that Hope eventually came around to the idea of them dating. Sadly, they didn't have much time until they were struck by drama yet again. Ben was eventually convicted of a murder that he didn't commit (via She Knows Soaps). However, Ciara did everything in her power to help clear his name. Ciara did so just before Ben was set to be given the death penalty, saving his life and releasing him from his cell, per Soap Opera Spy.

After being released from prison, Ben and Ciara were thrilled to get back to their normal lives. Their love for each other had skyrocketed, and Ben didn't want to wait another day to make Ciara his wife. So, he got down on one knee and popped the question. Of course, Ciara said yes. However, their wedding turned out to be a disaster.

The couple endured a wedding day disaster

As "Days of Our Lives" viewers geared up for Ben and Ciara's romantic wedding, things took a deadly turn. Just moments after the fan-favorite couple said their vows and were officially named as husband and wife, a bomb went off at the church, causing major structural damage and multiple injuries, per Daytime Dramatics. Ciara was presumed dead in the explosion, but Ben simply couldn't give up hope that his wife was still alive (via She Knows Soaps). Ben refused to believe that Ciara was dead, and continued to look for her, revealing that he felt a strong connection to his wife. With the help of Susan Banks and Claire Brady, Ben finally found Ciara alive. However, their reunion didn't go as planned.

Ciara had lost much of her memory and didn't remember anything about her relationship with Ben. In her mind, he was nothing by the serial killer who had hurt his family. She eventually demanded a divorce and left Salem to go live with Theo. However, Ben refused to give up on their romance.

Ben and Ciara began a new chapter

"Days of Our Lives" fans were stunned when Ciara couldn't remember Ben, and instead reverted back to her love for Theo. When Ciara returned to Salem in hopes of getting Ben to sign divorce papers, she revealed that she and Theo were engaged. Ben refused to sign the papers, so Ciara got an annulment instead. On Ciara and Theo's wedding day, Ben kidnapped the love of his life before she could make it to the altar (via She Knows Soaps). He took her back to the cabin where they spent their first night together after her crash and tried to help her remember their life together. Ciara eventually regained her memories and the two started a new chapter together, Soap Opera Spy

Ben and Ciara then finally took their honeymoon to New Orleans. When they returned, Marlena Evans (who had been possessed by the devil) convinced the couple to conceive a child so that the devil could corrupt the child's soul, per Cheat Sheet. However, Marlena's demon was discovered and exorcized before it could execute the plan. However, Ben and Ciara did happily get pregnant and are awaiting their little bundle of joy.