What It Means When You Have A Mole On Your Shoulder

Marks, indentations, growths such as moles on different parts of the body are not always harmful. In fact, not only are many of them considered normal, some can even be beautiful. Think dimples, cleft chins and even freckles – the latter of which are proudly showed off by the likes of Kylie Jenna, Bella Hadid, Eva Longoria, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Halsey, according to US Weekly

However, some growths can be a cause for concern as they could be a manifestation of underlying health issues and serious medical problems. Even where they are not harmful, the appearance of some of these things could set one on edge until a doctor or a health practitioner offers their opinion. 

Take moles, for example. The appearance of a mole on any part of a person's body could bring about curiosity or fear, regardless of how commonly people have them. There is an estimated total of 4 billion moles on white Americans. Although, it is still totally understandable that people prefer to get their moles checked out. But, what does it mean when you have a mole on your shoulder? 

A mole on your shoulder can be linked to your work rate

If your mole is on your shoulder, of course, it is usually harmless just like most other moles. But just like dreams, which have built a reputation for having deeper, secret meanings since ancient times, moles have become known to have deeper meanings as well — and the meaning of each one is dependent on the part of the body it is situated on.

Shoulder moles could indicate a difficult life that you've had in the past or one that you are currently going through. According to World of Feng Shui, this interpretation applies more to women than men. For men, a shoulder mole means that the man is "popular and efficient."

Where the mole is on your right shoulder, it means that you are brave. It also points to efficiency, according to Onmanorama. "They are known for completing the tasks they have taken up before moving on to other assignments," the website says. On the other hand, moles on left shoulders are an indicator that the bearer of the mark will be quarrelsome.

On a general note, it is important to note that harmless moles would generally appear at a young age. Any mole that shows up later in life can be a sign of cancer and should be reported to a doctor as soon as they are noticed. Unusual changes to existing moles should be quickly reported for examination, too.