Why James From The Bold And The Beautiful Looks So Familiar

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has a reputation for convincing some of the biggest celebrities in the world to be guest stars on the soap opera. As Hollywood Life details, over the years, the long-running soap opera has welcomed the likes of R&B icon Usher, "Extra" host Mario Lopez, and actor Gina Rodriguez into its ranks, typically for short cameos but sometimes even for proper two-episode arcs. Considering "The Bold and the Beautiful" has been on our screens since the late eighties, it makes sense celebrities would be lining up to take part.

Elsewhere, the late Betty White stopped by too, as did legendary cover model Fabio. The show doesn't discriminate, however, welcoming stars from all corners of the industry. Per Soap Hub, Alexis Gaube, of "The Price is Right," recently appeared as the latest Forrester Creations model, in a November 2021 installment of the hit show, while hunky businessman James set pulses racing when he rocked up around the same time. CBS teased his arrival online, likely because fans recognized the newcomer from another show.

Xavier Prather made reality TV history

According to Soaps.com, the man playing Forrester executive James is none other than "Big Brother" star Xavier Prather. The first ever Black winner of the hit reality competition show was teased consistently prior to his arrival, with the official Big Brother Instagram account sharing, "Are you wanting more Xavier?!? Well, you're in luck!" Likewise, "The Bold and the Beautiful" account posted shots of him hanging out backstage, enthusing, "Xavier Prather is in the house!" 

The Wisconsin native took his historical "Big Brother" win very seriously, telling Entertainment Weekly, "It's kind of surreal. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted this season to be different from past seasons ... And then I was fortunate enough to be crowned the winner. So it's incredible."

He added, "Being the first Black winner in BBUS history is an honor." As Prather reasoned, "Representation is important ... There are ways to make an impact without being an amazing entertainer or being a professional athlete. You can still be successful in other ways." Evidently, appearing on one of the biggest, and most established soaps in the world will further help him to do exactly that.