Can You Use Body Lotion As Hair Conditioner?

In a quest to live a simplified, minimalistic lifestyle, you might be looking for ways to streamline the types of beauty products you use daily. Or, if you're taking a trip, you might not want to pack a whole suitcase of personal care products. Take hair care, for instance.

While conditioner is the typical product we reach for to add moisture to just-shampooed hair, sebum is hair's natural moisturizer. Too much sebum can leave your hair feeling greasy, and not enough can leave hair feeling dry. According to Healthline, sebaceous glands produce less oil with age. Certain hair types, like curly hair, are also more prone to dryness. Most likely, your hair needs some kind of moisturizing product. That's where conditioner comes in. However, if you want to pare back your options, you might consider using body lotion to moisturize your hair. Is it recommended?

The Hair & Makeup Collective advises caution before you apply body lotion to your hair. Some lotions may contain aromatic chemicals that could cause premature graying. Besides fragrances, other common ingredients like lanolin and silicones can lead to buildup and breakage (per Curl Centric). But what if your conditioner supply has unexpectedly run out? Are there any situations where it's okay to reach for body lotion to provide the moisturizing you need for hair that's feeling super frizzy? Or will lotion totally ruin hair?

If using body lotion as conditioner, choose wisely and apply carefully

Joshua Zeichner, a dermatologist, told Allure that a lightweight body lotion can be used as a leave-in conditioner. The outlet recommended ‎Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion as an example of a lighter lotion. Lotion can help moisturize hair and tame frizz, but Zeichner suggested only using a small, dime-sized amount to avoid greasiness. If you are unsure about how your hair will look and feel after application, try using a minimal amount of lotion the first time. You can also use a clarifying shampoo later to clean your hair (per Curl Centric).

Things are a little more flexible when it comes to using lotion to replace conditioner in the shower. Christophe Robin, creative color director for L'Oreal Paris, told the Daily Mail that he suggests applying your lotion of choice, combing though damp hair, and finishing with a rinse.

For dedicated multi-taskers, consider investing in a product that's designed to do double duty. Curl Centric recommended Ancient Greek Remedy Butter Cream or Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer as two products that are paraben-free, contain natural ingredients, and are specifically formulated to hydrate skin and hair. Both BGLH and Curl Centric are fans of Alaffia Coconut Strawberry Hair & Body Lotion. This all-natural product is recommended for kids as well as adults.