Try These Hacks To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair

Greasy hair can really feel like the end all be all in that the simple common hair type can feel like the universe's personal attack on you. The frustration comes from having just washed your hair for an event only to have it go limp and oily before the night is up, and the daily battle of trying to resist washing your hair because everyone says that makes things worse. There's also the annoyance of having to desperately wash your hair daily, and waking up to find it has gone greasy overnight. That's only made worse when you're fresh out of your trusty dry shampoo. It's just exhausting.

Fortunately, the haircare market is constantly growing and booming with countless product releases that promise to target your every concern. While there are a few products that can help you along the way, managing your greasy hair is all about your habits and routines at the end of the day. That shampoo targeting greasy hair can certainly help, but how you use it and what you do once you step out of that shower plays a much bigger role, according to Glamour. Here are a few top hacks to help buy you and your greasy hair an extra day.

The shampoo sermon

With every hair type or struggle, half the battle is won in the shower. You could try all the styling products and tools you like, but if you're winging it or not taking extra care when washing your hair it can drastically minimize your results — especially in the case of greasy hair.

Before even applying shampoo, you should make sure you're using the right one. Words such as "glossy" or "hydrating" are unfortunately your worst enemy (via Glamour). Instead, lean towards the "clarifying" and "detox" section of the aisle. Once you've got the right shampoo for oily hair, perhaps consider double-washing to help really get into the nitty gritty of it all. This is especially true since you should be avoiding over-washing your hair by allowing a few days between each wash to stop your hair from overproducing oils (via Poosh). While you're up there, let's keep things strictly shampoo. Avoid applying any conditioner or hair masks to your roots — no extra moisture is needed here — and keep it where it's necessary, at your ends (via Bustle).

Of course, the shampoo you rinse out isn't all you'll need. Finding the right dry shampoo for your hair is imperative as well to buy you a couple of extra days of freshness. Your dry shampoo can also add some much needed volume and texture (via SheKnows).

The styling saviors

So, now you're set. You've done all you can do to prep your hair in the best way possible, but it can easily go so wrong so quickly with the wrong styling approach. Unfortunately, straight hair is a greasy gal's worst enemy, so when it comes to heat styling your hair you're better off opting for a curly or wavy look. Don't worry if you have fine greasy hair, it'll all end up straight regardless. When your hair reaches optimal greasiness, you can style it by braiding it or putting it into a top bun to buy you a few extra days of wear (via Bustle).

A blow dryer will be your new best friend as well. Whenever the time comes to style your hair, run a blow dryer through it first. This will help give your hair some extra volume while also drying up some of the excess oil. Another pro tip is to blow dry your hair after using dry shampoo to really help work it into your hair with the heat (via SheKnows).