The Former General Hospital Cast Member Who Rebecca Herbst Wants To Return To The Show

After 25 years playing Elizabeth Webber Spencer Lansing Baldwin on "General Hospital," actress Rebecca Herbst has seen a lot of co-stars come and go. When she first debuted on the Port Charles scene in 1997, Elizabeth was a high school student living in the shadow of her sister, Sarah Webber, and had a crush on Lucky Spencer (Johnathan Jackson), who had a crush on Sarah (Jennifer Sky). When Elizabeth was raped in the park one dark night, it was Lucky who found her and eventually the two teens fell in love, married, divorced, had children, and lived a typical soap opera life, with Lucky being off the canvas since 2015 (via Soaps In Depth). 

Elizabeth has had several love interests aside from Lucky, with her last husband, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) brutally killed by the dastardly Peter August (Wes Ramsey) in 2021. With so many co-stars who have come and gone through the years, Herbst would like one to return in particular, and it's not someone who played any of the men Elizabeth has loved.

Rebecca Herbst wants a sister act for Elizabeth once again

In 2015, Elizabeth met a woman calling herself Hayden Barnes, who claimed to be amnesiac Jake Doe's long-lost wife. As Elizabeth was dating Jake at the time, she took an instant dislike to Hayden. However, Liz eventually learned that Hayden was her sister via an affair her father, Jeff Webber, had years ago. It took a while, but Elizabeth and Hayden eventually grew close, but Hayden has since disappeared from town and nobody knows where she is.

That doesn't mean Rebecca Herbst doesn't want her friend Rebecca Budig back on "General Hospital" so the Webber sisters can be together again.

"I really loved having Rebecca Budig on the show," Herbst told Soap Opera Digest. "Aside from me, personally, absolutely loving Rebecca and having a friendship with her and how every time I got to work with her, I had a great day, I think Elizabeth also really enjoyed having a sister and having that family connection. It was nice because they didn't start out as friends but they build a friendship and a relationship. I would really love to have her back."

With Elizabeth now dating Hayden's ex, Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), if Budig were to return to the role, it would make things very soap opera messy, indeed.