The One Product That Euphoria's Makeup Artist Says Is Her Secret Weapon

The only thing more talked about than the explosive drama and controversial storylines of the hit HBO Max series, is the makeup on "Euphoria." From its very 1st season, the show became so much more than just that, it was a movement. Suddenly, everywhere you looked people were quoting lines from it, playing music from it, and most importantly creating entire looks based on it. All anyone could take about was how to recreate Euphoria makeup looks

With Season 2 coming out, and wilder than ever, makeup remains the inspo people take from "Euphoria." Every look created is unique and playful, it truly is unlike any other show as Glamour outlines some of the top looks. "Euphoria" makeup knows no bounds. So who is the makeup maven behind it all? 

Doniella Davy, "Euphoria's" head makeup artist, is who we should all bow down to. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Davy shared her journey with the show's makeup, "I feel like I was this messenger, fairy-type person who was brought on to help push some of these makeup looks to be more mainstream — but a lot of it was inspired from what kids were already doing and experimenting with," she added, "This show really gave us the opportunity to push that new era of beauty into the spotlight and inspire people to just have more fun with their makeup." While she can't teach us all how to achieve these looks, she can certainly tip us off to her secret weapon product.

Davy doesn't believe in powder

So what makes a makeup look "Euphoria"-esque? First and foremost is creativity. Bold colors, shapes and lines, and even stick on glitter and gems are all what makes the perfect "Euphoria" look. But, what's more important than the base of it all? And if there's one thing every character on the show has, it's a natural dewy glow. While fans try to achieve this glow by using ample amounts of highlighter, makeup artist Doniella Davy has shared her actual secret to mastering getting the glow without the oiliness. 

Reporter/Writer Kirbie Johnson has shared a series of TikTok videos sharing an insight into the mind of Davy as she got a chance to speak with her directly. In one TikTok she gave the inside scoop on a step she always skips — powder. She revealed that Davy definitively insisted, "You're never going to see us using a powder brush and powder on anyone absolutely ever, ever." So how does she tame the glow to get the perfect shine? Davy shared her secret weapon with Johnson: Indeed Labs Nanoblur. The silicone based primer tames oiliness and gives a smooth blurred base to the skin, Woman & Home have also raved about the product working miracles for blurring out fine lines as well and it can be used either on top of or under makeup. Johnson tries it out herself in the TikTok and shows just how smoothing it is — it's like a magic filter!