Body Language Experts Analyze What Your Hands Reveal About You

The art of reading body language relies heavily on non-verbal cues, as body language itself is non-verbal. Most of the unspoken hints given off by a person's body language are revealed subconsciously, per Science Of People. To the untrained eye, picking up on these verbal cues may be a little difficult, but if you know what to look for, you can get deeper insight into the thoughts of others before they vocalize them, per Mind Tools.

Just like verbal communication, reading body language isn't a one-way street. During a conversation, as you pick up on cues from the person you're chatting with, they're doing the same to you, per Very Well Mind. Most people focus on what someone is saying and often neglect to pay attention to the non-verbal messages they've been giving off.

Having the knowledge of reading body language as well as how to control your body language can help you communicate more efficiently, per LifeSize. For instance, the positioning of your hand, and how you move them during a conversation could be saying more than you intend to give away.

Your hands say a lot more than you know

The human hands are very expressive and can help get your point across faster, per Well+Good. The movement and placement of a person's hands can reveal a lot about their mental state and thoughts on a situation or conversation, per Psychology Today.

Fidgety or shaky hands can indicate that you are nervous or uncomfortable (per Redbook). Being nervous isn't a bad thing, but it is unlikely that you would not want other people to see you visibly nervous.

Tightly clenched fists can send the message that you're unhappy with the situation you're in or conversation you're having. Body language experts have found that clenched fists can be a sign of impending conflict or an indication that the person feels threatened, per CNBC. Steepling your fingers gives off the impression that you're confident and in charge, per Better Help. The air of authority the gesture gives off can help you gain the undivided attention of whoever you're speaking with.

Fingers interlocked in front of your chest can give off the impression that you're worried and uneasy, per CBS News. Outstretched palms during a conversation can be a sign of openness, per Healthline. Placing your hands on your hips can indicate that you're angry or displeased, as it is an assertive move and can set the person you're speaking with on edge, per Psych Mechanics.