The Song In Bud Light's Super Bowl 2022 Commercial Pays Tribute To A Living Legend

Sometimes change is necessary and Super Bowl commercials are all about promoting change. If a product or company wants to let the world know something new is coming their way, then there's no better place to do it than in a creative and epic Super Bowl commercial that millions will be watching during the most anticipated American sporting event of the year.

Bud Light has a change coming and that change is its brand-new, first-time ever carb-free beer called Bud Light Next. And when change is coming, what more do you want to let everyone know about it than a song about change, about breaking free, and about being different? Aimed at Generation Z with its carb-free, low-calorie (only 80!) formula (via CNN Business), Bud Light Next's Super Bowl 2022 commercial depicts young people in classrooms, in cubicles, at parties, and in restaurants looking for something different, while breaking down barriers and walls, all to the pulsating sound of one of the earliest songs from a musical icon.

A Barbra Streisand classic gets new life from Bud Light

"Gotta Move" was first recorded for "The Second Barbra Streisand Album," released in 1963 and was featured on Streisand's TV special "Color Me Barbra" in 1966, with the song seeing very little life since then. But, thanks to Bud Light Next and Super Bowl LVI, it's seeing brand-new life. The expressive lyrics — "Gotta move, gotta get out, gotta leave this place" — all call for change and leave you asking what comes next?

The 79-year-old Barbra Streisand herself couldn't be more thrilled to see one of the songs she recorded more than half a century ago in her early 20s get new life for a new generation of young people ready to move and make change.

"So great to see "Gotta Move" still resonating with the next generation," the legendary singer wrote on Instagram where she shared a video clip of the commercial. "Happy to be a part of @budlight NEXT's new Super Bowl spot for their first-ever beer with zero carbs."