Fans Had This Unexpected Reaction To Dolly Parton's Super Bowl Commercial

Dolly Parton appeared on one of the first commercials right out of the gate during Super Bowl LVI, reminding us why she likes T-Mobile's 5G phones best in a telethon-themed ad. Looking as glamorous and incredible as ever in a rhinestone vest over a low-cut top, bubblegum pink lipstick, and perfectly coiffed blonde hair, Parton told football fans that America has a problem, and that problem can be solved by 5G technology that connects us all. Then, she proceeded to pull out a 5G phone that was hidden under her signature assets — the ones she insisted not too long ago are not insured, although she once joked that they were, according to Today.

Parton even managed to connect with another country icon from a younger generation in the commercial, in the form of her goddaughter Miley Cyrus, who asked how she can help the cause. Parton just advised Cyrus to use her voice. It seemed like an inoffensive, feel-good commercial, but it turns out that some fans were not happy with Parton's voice during the 40-second spot.

Dolly Parton's Super Bowl commercial gets mixed fan reviews

As Dolly Parton put her best voice forward for T-Mobile during the 1st quarter of Super Bowl LVI, some viewers had a few things to say about Parton's speech.

"They should've used subtitles for Dolly Parton," one tweeter wrote, apparently saying he had difficulty hearing what Parton was saying. Another tweeter was disgusted with the commercial, but didn't say why, only bluntly stating her opinion with, "That Dolly Parton commercial was absolute garbage."

However, others were thrilled to see the 76-year-old country music legend still out there doing her thing and looking so incredible. "If I wasn't already using @TMobile, I'd be switching right now. @DollyParton can do no wrong!! #SuperBowl #DollyForPresident," one fan tweeted.

Sports columnist Jose De Jesus Ortiz summed up many fans' feelings when they see Parton do anything. "The commercials have been underwhelming so far, but @DollyParton is the queen and does God's work, so I loved hers. #SuperBowlSunday."

A second Dolly Super Bowl commercial gets fans even more enraged

As the night went on, it became more apparent why some people had issues with Dolly Parton's T-Mobile commercial, especially when a second commercial aired, featuring Parton, Miley Cyrus, and a slew of other musicians singing "Do It for the Phones," in the tradition of "We Are the World," the 1980s hit featuring famous pop stars from across the globe whose sales raised money to help those suffering from a famine in Africa. Twitter quickly expressed that they found the connection to be tone-deaf.

"Didn't care to see it mocking a real charity ... We are the World ... stupid commercial," wrote one Twitter user.

Another also found the theme of the commercial to be cringeworthy, tweeting, "In poor taste, making a commercial that is a 'We are the world' type parody. How did this get the greenlight? Say you just needed a paycheck Dolly."

However, it turns out that many viewers didn't know that T-Mobile had a very special reason for running this particular theme in its 2022 Super Bowl commercials, even though they seemed like mere parodies of a good cause.

T-Mobile, Dolly Parton, and Miley Cyrus teamed up for a very good cause

While Super Bowl fans who grew up in the 1980s recognized the "We are the World" theme in Dolly Parton's T-Mobile commercial immediately, those who thought it was in poor taste didn't know that T-Mobile is putting its money where its mouth is. The company is donating $250,000 to the Happy Hippie Foundation, an organization Miley Cyrus founded in 2015 that champions homeless and LGBTQ+ youth.

In a statement, Cyrus expressed her gratitude for being able to do this commercial with Parton, her godmother, and to T-Mobile for its philanthropic work helping teens in need. "When Aunt Dolly asked me to team up with her and T-Mobile, I was excited to use my voice to enhance this message," Cyrus said. "I'm also thrilled to call T-Mobile a friend and partner of The Happy Hippie Foundation, as they join our mission to fight injustice particularly facing the homeless youth here in Los Angeles, home to the Super Bowl this year" (via

At least one fan understood what T-Mobile was doing with its two Super Bowl ads, tweeting, "And absolutely not to be missed, national treasure @DollyParton shows she knows how to have a little fun and be in on the joke in the @TMobile ad. #SuperBowl #SuperBowlAd."