Christine Quinn Reveals Her Must-Have Beauty Products

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If you're like us, you're probably obsessed with Netflix's super-hit show "Selling Sunset." The show is centered around a group of ultra-stylish L.A. realtors who strive to be top dogs in the business and beat out their competitors in the process. The Oppenheim Group is all about glitz and glamour, and they're frequently shown rubbing elbows with wealthy clients as they score massive percentages of each multimillion-dollar sale they broker. The realtors traverse L.A.'s real estate market to sell homes, make the highest profits, and nab the richest clients for their personal portfolios. It's no wonder the show is so notoriously addictive, becoming a quarantine-era trending topic that soon turned into a mainstay (per Vanity Fair). 

Now on its fourth season, there's one "villain" that's irreplaceable in our eyes: none other than real estate agent Christine Quinn. Quinn rose to prominence as the realtor everyone loved to hate on "Selling Sunset," especially during moments where she's feuding with fellow realtor Chrishell Stause. Even as a massively successful realtor, Quinn always finds the time to touch up her makeup, and she keeps a dedicated beauty routine, which is evident in her flawless complexion throughout the show. Thankfully for us, the reality star has been very vocal about her must-have beauty products, from her favorite serum to her preferred lipstick and everything in between. Ahead, find all of Quinn's favorite beauty products she uses on the daily.

The star's favorite moisturizer and oil for super-hydrated skin

Christine Quinn is always sure to have a clear, radiant complexion, no matter the situation. So, when it comes to skincare, what are her best kept secrets?

It's no wonder hydration is fiercely important to Quinn, who has long expressed her love of moisturizers that make her face look glowing and gorgeous. One brand she talks about all the time is French brand Sisley Paris, a plant-based skincare and cosmetics line that is known for taking an all-natural approach when it comes to beauty. The realtor can't get enough of Sisley-Paris All Day All Year Moisturizer, a very pricey cream that promises to prevent the aging process by working as a barrier against environmental pollutions and "oxidative stress." 

The All Day All Year Moisturizer contains an anti-UVA, UVB, radicals, and a stress shield, in addition to several botanicals that work to protect your complexion and make it look more radiant and taut. Quinn told NYLON that this cream is the one she loves most at the moment, while also telling The Cut that she adores Farmacy's Honey Grail Ultra-Hydrating Face Oil for extra hydration. She explained to The Cut, "I fell in love with their face oil. I've had a lot of problems with oils before. They've felt very surface-level, and they didn't do anything, but this one gives me an amazing glow and really hydrates my skin."

The Selling Sunset star loves a great sheet mask

When Christine Quinn isn't busy closing a deal on a multimillion-dollar property, talking to clients on the phone, or driving around Melrose with her trademark sunglasses, she actually loves lying back and relaxing. While it's hard to imagine the high-profile real estate agent even sitting down for more than a few minutes, she does believe in unwinding every now and then — especially if that includes a sheet mask.

The realtor told Refinery29 that pandemic-era quarantine forced her to slow her life down, especially while "Selling Sunset" was on a break from filming. Gone were the days of cherry red lipstick and stylish outfits. They were quickly replaced by PJ's and her favorite Glam Glow Thirstysheet S.O.S. Intensive Hydrating Cream Sheet Masks

As per Beauty Crew, these are one of her favorite sheet masks for a burst of moisture, saying she loves to put them on when she has some extra time to spare. With passion fruit seed oil, mango seed butter, B5, and algae extract that all work to plump and refresh the skin, it's easy to see why. The reality star also can't live without her 111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Masks, telling The Cut, "this brand I love because their masks are so thick and stay on your skin without sliding down. They're really well-made and they dry out so you know when to take them off. This one in particular really brightens your skin and gives you a beautiful glow."

Quinn is known to pile on anti-aging eye masks, too

Did we mention Christine Quinn really loves a good mask? It's safe to say the real estate agent may just be obsessed with face masks, but are we mad about it? Not at all, especially if we can nab all her favorite products. While face masks are absolute must-haves in Quinn's vanity, the star knows that the eyes never lie, especially when it comes to showing signs of aging. That's why she always has her favorite eye masks on hand to give her a quick hydration boost in the under eye area whenever possible!

The real estate agent has often talked about her love of dermatological brand 111Skin, a science-based line that's all about using innovative ingredients to prevent the aging process. The "Selling Sunset" star loves the Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask 8 Pack, telling The Strategist, "These are super, super juicy, but because they're made from really thick silicone, they do not budge." So, where does she use them when she's on the go? "Sometimes I'll sit in my office when I'm not working, and I'll just put them on. I take them on airplanes, too. I've tried literally every eye patch out there, and nothing has topped these. Girl, I'm telling you, the de-puffing ones really, really work," Quinn said. The star also goes for the brand's Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask, explaining to The Cut, "I always keep some in my bag now."

Once her skin is prepped and moisturized, it's time for primer

While some might see Christine Quinn's skincare routine as excessive, we're fierce believers in the realtor's savvy tricks — and you can bet they're influencing us to add all her faves to our shopping carts. While those magic, de-puffing eye masks seem like everything we ever needed, we're also getting on Quinn's vitamin C strategy ASAP. We love the realtor's ethos on making her skin as gorgeous as possible before getting to makeup, but of course, makeup is pretty high on her priority list, too. Thankfully, we have all the deets on how she gets her skin looking primed and poreless 24/7.

Once plumping, hydrating skincare is done, the first step in the real estate agent's makeup routine is applying primers. While this is a step many of us tend to skip, choosing instead to simply apply foundation over moisturizer or serum, Quinn is adamant about always applying a primer before other makeup. In fact, she told NYLON that applying primer is her "favorite trick" she's learned from makeup artists. She explained, "it's all about priming the skin and color correcting so the canvas is perfect." So, what about her favorite brands? "Make Up Forever has really great primers." She talked about mixing the line's Step 1 Primer Color Corrector — Redness Corrector and Step 1 Primer Pore Minimizer with her lotion or moisturizer to properly prime the skin.

This is how to achieve Quinn's glowy makeup look

Once Christine Quinn's skin is prepped and primed, it's time for the fun part. We always imagined she used some kind of sorcery for makeup that makes her skin look bright and refreshed no matter what — and now that we have her magic tricks, we understand that the process is way easier than expected.

The realtor has often talked about her love of natural products, and that same ethos applies for her makeup strategy. Although she loves a good red lipstick, when it comes to her skin, she believes less is more. As per Beauty Crew, Quinn explained, ​​"I'm not one for foundation ... I don't wear it [because] I think it's too heavy — I don't like it unless I'm filming or doing a photoshoot." So, how does she perfect her skin? "[For my base], I try my best to conceal the areas that I need. [I love] the Clinique Even Better [Concealer]." 

The star uses a Beauty Blender "so it's not so heavy," and likes to "set it with a loose powder" before going on to contour with bronzer. When she does go for an all-over glow, it's all about Dior's BACKSTAGE Face & Body Glow. As she told The Cut, the highlighter is easy to "change or dial up the intensity of," depending on how many drops you use. She continued, "you can use it straight from the bottle or you can put a few drops in your lotion for a beautiful, natural supermodel glow."

The realtor's smoldering eyes are all down to her favorite palettes

Sure, it's best to keep things natural when it comes to skin, with sheer, glowing beauty having its moment currently, but Christine Quinn is definitely not afraid of bringing out her impressive eyeshadow game whenever possible. The realtor is no stranger to a good smoky eye, and some of her favorite eyeshadow palettes help her master this look with ease.

According to Beauty Crew, Quinn actually uses her eyeshadow palettes for contouring as well. "I love Urban Decay, they have really great palettes — I go in with an eyeshadow color actually and I'll contour my nose to give myself a little nose job," she said. Quinn adores Urban Decay's Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette, which features a broad range of shades to choose from. Through her work on TV, Quinn has learned a lot about eyeshadow application. She told NYLON, "I have my signature look ... which is a light beige color on my lid, I'll do a round cut crease." 

She further explained the process to HELLO!, saying, "I love to put concealer over my brow bone before I do the eyeshadow, and I find that helps lift the brow bone a little bit to create a nice glow so that if you use the lighter color [afterwards] it really opens your eyes. I also love to use inner liner that's a light color." 

So, what's her favorite palette of all time? Her own "universal" day to night Ciaté London Christine Quinn Bo$$ B*tch Eyeshadow Palette.

Quinn never leaves the house without some lip gloss in her purse

Of course, Christine Quinn loves a good red lipstick. Who can forget all her amazing scarlet and brick orange lippies throughout "Selling Sunset"?  That being said, it's not always red all the time. The real estate agent also loves a great, sheer lip gloss for her day-to-day life, and always keeps at least one in her purse. She has talked at great length about her love of a good gloss, and we got the low-down on her all-time favorites.

The realtor cannot live without her NYX's Butter Gloss, a surprising drugstore cheapie that she has to have with her at all times. No, really! Quinn explained to Beauty Crew, "the one thing I always keep in my purse is lip gloss, and [my favorite is from] NYX. I love all the colors and the Butter Gloss is really creamy." A cult favorite gloss in the beauty world, it has an iconic sugary-sweet scent and is never sticky. Plus, it comes in fun shades like Strawberry Cheesecake, Marshmallow, and Tiramisu. 

Still, sometimes you want a gloss that works overtime — aka something mega plumping. Quinn also loves Grande Cosmetics' GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper Gloss, telling Page Six, "this is the best plumping lip gloss I have used to date. Its ingredients include a trademarked ingredient that supports natural collagen; hyaluronic acid, which improves plumpness; and vitamin B3, which acts as a skin-conditioning agent."

Her true passion is her signature red lipstick

Okay, so sometimes it is all about the red lipstick. Christine Quinn regularly wore red lipstick on "Selling Sunset," whether on camera talking about her rivals, delivering iconic takedowns, or falling deeper in love with her husband, Christian. No matter what hue she swiped on, it was always flattering and never clownish. We really respect Quinn's red lipstick game, and we want in on all her favorite formulas. Just like she reportedly has hundreds of perfumes, she has a multitude of red lipsticks, too. 

According to Beauty Crew, Quinn said, "honestly there are quite a few that I use, [all] different shades depending on if I want more burgundy, if I want a brick red or an orange red, I probably have about 32 shades of red lipstick." While we processed that information, we found her top two favorite picks — with the other 30 serving as close seconds, of course.

The realtor is currently obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Pur Couture Satin Lipstick in 1 Le Rouge, an unmistakable cherry red formula that will get your smile noticed no matter where you go. Another scarlet lipstick she can't live without is Tom Ford's Lip Color Matte in Flame, a seriously pricey lipstick that features a velvety formula that is notoriously so pigmented, you only need one quick swipe for perfect color every time. She told NYLON it's "a really good red" for daily use.

While Quinn can't live without her lipsticks, liquid formulas are a close second

While most of us immediately think of a creamy tube of lipstick when thinking about a red lip color, similar to the ones classic Hollywood sirens like Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth swiped on in their day, this decade brought several important advancements in the makeup department. Sure, we'll always love a convenient tube of lipstick, but long-wearing liquid formulas work wonders. Plus, if they're Christine Quinn approved, then we definitely want in — she is TV's resident red lipstick expert, after all!

The realtor has often talked about how great her own line for Ciaté London is, particularly her Christine Quinn Ca$h Fetish Heat Transforming Lip Cream. A tribute to Quinn's "iconic, many-sided personality," this creamy lip color switches from a deep bordeaux to a ruby red with a simple change in temperature. Plus, it contains tons of moisturizing ingredients, so you never get the dreaded chapped lips so often seen with liquid lippies. Quinn told NYLON, "I love my Ciaté Heat Transforming Lip Cream, it's waterproof and it's this gorgeous deep burgundy." 

She went on to discuss the lipstick with HELLO!, saying, "we used the duality of the lip-color to showcase my personality, which is that very sweet girl-next-door but also the sassy villain." Another cherry-red liquid lipstick she loves? Fenty Beauty by Rihanna's Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Uncensored, which Quinn told NYLON "has blue undertones and it makes your teeth look whiter."