How This Royal Hobby Has Made The Queen Even Wealthier

Queen Elizabeth II has several favorite pastimes, and one of them has even helped to increase her net worth.

In her spare time, the queen enjoys gardening and riding horses, as pointed out by the British Heritage Travel magazine, and her net worth is $600 million, which is made up of personal assets — such as Scotland's Balmoral Castle and the Sandringham Estate — and those of the Crown Estate and the Royal Collection Trust. According to Celebrity Net Worth, a quarter of the Crown Estate's income is used by the royal family for costs like travel and housekeeping, while the Royal Collection Trust is the family's collection of more than a million objects — including artwork by Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci– that are worth around $1 billion.

There is one more personal asset owned by Queen Elizabeth that helps add to her overall net worth and that serves as a beloved hobby.

This specific hobby of the the queen's has a value of more than £100 million

Queen Elizabeth II has a stamp collection full of rare and valuable stamps. Overall, the collection is worth over £100 million, per The Telegraph. The valuable collection includes a stamp from Mauritius valued at a jaw-dropping £2 million.

Known as The Royal Philatelic Collection  ("philately" describes the collecting and studying of postage stamps) the collection was started by the Duke of York in the late 1800s. He even told his philatelic adviser that he wanted to have "the best collection ... in England" as reported by the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. Since then, the collection has been passed down and added on to by collectors like King George VI and the Queen.

"The Queen loves showing her stamp collection to visitors," royal expert Phil Dampier told The Sun. "It is one of her pride and joys, not only because she owns some of the world's most valuable stamps, but also because she has built on a family treasure and feels she has done her father and previous monarchs who owned it proud."