What Is Kailee Peppers From Cheer Doing Now

The documentary series "Cheer" was a hit among viewers, so much so that the creators recently aired Season 2, despite the controversies swirling around the show and its top performers. Season 1 focused on the Navarro team, while Season 2 has given us more insight into Navarro's competitor Trinity Valley, according to Screen Rant. Season 2 also had a bit of a different feel to it, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that fan-favorite Jerry Harris was arrested on charges of child pornography.

According to Time, Season 2 allowed the cast to express their feelings about their newfound fame after Season 1 aired. Fans were reintroduced to existing stars, including cheerleaders Gabi Butler and Lexi Brumback, but new additions like Maddy Brum and Gillian Rupert took center stage. Per Elite Daily, viewers were also introduced to a new coach, who previously served as ex-Head Coach Monica Aldam's right-hand woman. Her name is Kailee Peppers, and her introduction was met with mixed reviews from both the team as well as fans.

Kailee Peppers is becoming a cheerleading judge

According to Elite Daily, Kailee Peppers always knew that she wanted cheer to be a big part of her life, so she relocated from Ohio to Texas in order to cheer for Navarro College. Per The Cinemaholic, Peppers competed for the team during from 2015-2017. Though she was eventually offered the assistant coaching position under Monica Aldam, Peppers felt she wasn't ready to hang up her pom-poms just yet. The cheerleading sensation relocated to Texas Tech University, but returned to Navarro two years later. However, the position became a bit more than she expected after Aldam left to compete in "Dancing with the Stars."

During Season 2 of "Cheer," viewers see Peppers initiate some drama with fellow cheerleader La'Darius Marshall, though the two eventually work things out. As of this writing, Peppers is back at Texas Tech, where she is competing in their squad for a third year. The three-time Grand Collegiate National Champion is also trying her hand at judging. According to an Instagram video from Idaho All-Star Cheer, Peppers will be the guest judge for their 2022 tryouts. "I'm so excited to announce that I'll be coming to Twin Falls, Idaho, to be a guest judge at the Idaho All-Stars tryouts this year," Peppers said in the Instagram clip (via The Cinemaholic). "I'm so excited to meet everyone and see all the amazing talent there. Can't wait to see you guys."