The Truth Behind How Debra Messing Continues To Keep A Youthful Glow

If there's one thing fans have noticed about the revival of NBC's popular sitcom "Will & Grace," it's that the cast — led by actors Debra Messing and Will McCormack — have retained their hysterical banter and impeccable comedic timing throughout the years. It also quickly became apparent that Messing, who, as of this writing, is in her 50s, looks particularly vibrant and youthful.

Per Variety, Messing got her start in theater in the '90s. For her first gig post-grad school, Messing nabbed the role of Cecily in the Oscar Wilde play "The Importance of Being Earnest." While her first role was in Seattle, Messing eventually made her way to New York where she appeared in a few off-Broadway productions. In 1998, she got her big break as Grace Adler on "Will and Grace," and the rest is history. Over the years, Messing has received several Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors' Guild nominations, ultimately winning an Emmy in 2003 for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for "Will & Grace." 

While enjoying a stellar acting career that she loves is surely one thing that keeps her bright and energetic, there are regular, intentional steps Messing takes to look and feel her best on the inside and the outside.

Debra Messing eats clean

According to People, Debra Messing tries to get in her vitamins and nutrients by having a healthy juice every morning, "I start every day with a huge glass of green juice with kale, spinach, ginger, lemon, and celery," she said. "I found that it helps me with energy at work, and my skin. I'm not a huge veggie eater, but I don't feel so guilty if I've had my green juice."

Besides helping ensure that you get a good supply of fruit and vegetables, juicing also helps the digestion process work better, according to the Mayo Clinic. It can be difficult to consume the daily recommended amounts each day through eating, though there are easy ways to sneak healthy substitutes into your meals. This can also lead to consuming low amounts of fiber, which can result in sluggish digestion and constipation. 

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020–2025, adults should consume between 22-34 grams of fiber daily (amounts vary according to age and sex). Juicing can also boost your immune system and improve the gut microbiome by increasing good bacteria.

Debra Messing eliminated food groups from her diet

When Debra Messing turned 40, she decided to make some changes to her diet. "I just really took a moment to step back and I was teaching my son about making healthy choices, and I thought, 'Well, I can't say that to him if I'm not doing that myself,'" she told Insider

Per the outlet, the actor eliminated "sugar, coffee, alcohol, fried foods, gluten, and dairy." While the "everything in moderation" rule is often cited in maintaining a healthy eating plan, some foods can be inflammatory to certain individuals. This can become even more problematic as you age and some of the top offenders include sugar, dairy, and gluten. Case in point? Ridding gluten from your daily routine can help eliminate unnecessary puffiness, gas, bloating, and digestive upset.

When inflammatory foods are cut down or eliminated, the body can begin to work optimally. Messing summed up the changes she has noticed in her body, telling Insider, "I have so much more energy and my skin is better, my hair is better, and I just feel like my body heals more quickly." She added, "There is a direct correlation between making healthy choices and feeling and looking better."

Debra Messing maintains a dedicated skincare regimen

It's a simple fact that skin that is nourished and cared for has a certain glow, while skin that is dry can look dull. Most people who retain glowing skin work at it and maintain a daily ritual to keep skin refreshed from the stresses placed on it. Debra Messing shared her skincare routine with Harper's Bazaar and outlined her nighttime ritual which starts off with deep cleaning. Since she wears a lot of makeup while filming, she makes it a point of removing all remnants of product at night with a deep cleanser. After all, sleeping in your make-up is one of the worst things you can for your skin.

Messing then uses a spray-on moisturizer which "locks in moisture and it makes all the serum that comes on after it, absorb and hold." Then, it's time to use a copper-infused serum. "I push it into my skin," she told Harper's Bazaar. "As you can see, I have really sensitive skin, just touching it, I turn red. Using this has really evened out my skin tone markedly. I use it every night." After that, it's time for her daily hydrating cream, and then she ends with a restorative under-eye balm.

Debra Messing loves what she does

They say when you do what you love it's never work. It's also true that doing things that bring you joy will help your body in many ways and freeing yourself from added stress is one big benefit. Lessening stress lowers your blood pressure and cortisol levels, lessens your risk for diabetes, and provides healthy heart benefits. Extra stress can also cause moodiness, headaches, insomnia, and even your allergies can increase. Naturally, how much stress you have ties into what whether what you do each and every day stresses you out or fills you up.

Per Variety, Debra Messing knew she wanted to act around the age of 7 after seeing her first Broadway play, "Annie." She told the outlet, "I grew up out in the woods, and so TV was really the thing that made me happy. I just loved stories and I loved laughing. To be able to do this for so long has been a dream."