Kanye West's Latest Move To Win Kim Kardashian Back Will Leave You Stunned

Kanye "Ye" West has been having a bit of a tumultuous year. Per Cosmopolitan, ever since his ex-wife Kim Kardashian filed for divorce in January 2021, it seems like the rapper has been doing his best to win her back. In an Instagram video titled "Thanksgiving Prayer," West said "All I think about every day is how I get my family back together and how I heal the pain that I've caused." Then, at a concert in December 2021 with Drake, West updated a lyric in his song "Runaway" to say, "I need you to run right back, baby, more specifically, Kimberly," per Cosmopolitan.

West has also taken the opportunity to bash Kardashian's new beau, "SNL" actor Pete Davidson. In January 2022, Entertainment Tonight reported that West referenced his 2002 car crash in his new single "Eazy," rapping, "God saved me from that crash / Just so I can beat Pete Davidson's a**." Perhaps to make his ex jealous, West struck up a relationship of his own with Julia Fox in early 2022. Per Us Weekly, the pair met at a New Year's Eve party in Miami, and West bought her an entire new wardrobe for their second date. However, the romance was short-lived, as West and Fox split in February. As of this writing, West seems to have redirected his passion towards Kardashian — and he chose Valentine's Day to make a big romantic gesture.

Kanye West has a grand Valentine's gesture for Kim Kardashian

In honor of Valentine's Day, Kanye West took to Instagram to post a black truck with its bed filled with red roses. On one side of the car read the phrase, "My vision is Krystal Klear." The assumption here is that the truck is on its way to Kim Kardashian's house. Prior to that, West also posted a picture to Instagram that showed Kardashian out and about in an extravagant silver coat. Pointing out that he had bought the coat for her before she went on "SNL," West wrote, "SOMETIMES PEOPLE CALL ME CRAZY BUT TO BE IN LOVE IS TO BE CRAZY ABOUT SOMETHING AND I AM CRAZY ABOUT MY FAMILY HAPPY VALENTINES."

The rapper has always been one for extravagant gifts. Per E! News, West once sent Kardashian 1,000 roses for Valentine's Day in 2014 (before they were married). In 2019, he convinced saxophonist Kenny G to play a private concert for her in a room filled with roses. However, while West has publicly stated that he wants Kardashian back, he's also used social media to air his grievances against his ex-wife, according to The Hollywood Reporter). Kardashian recently responded to his accusations on Instagram stories. "Divorce is difficult enough on our children and Kanye's obsession with trying to control and manipulate our situation so negatively and publicly is only causing further pain for all," she wrote (via The Hollywood Reporter).