Griffin Gluck Reveals The Alternate Ending That Was Almost In Tall Girl - Exclusive

Every time we re-watch "Tall Girl," our hearts melt the moment we see Jack Dunkleman step up on that crate and finally kiss Jodi. Their budding romance is something that has been a long hour and half coming considering Dunkleman was carrying around that crate for the entire film. "There is this, like, sentimental cute value of the crate," Griffin Gluck, the actor who plays Jack, said during an exclusive interview with The List. "But practically that thing just makes no sense."

Though we all love that meaningful milk crate, Gluck was relieved he didn't have to carry around that large prop in the second installment. In fact, the writers even explain at the beginning of the sequel why: after using it one too many times to kiss his girlfriend, the top of it simply snaps in half below him. 

Crazy enough, this concept "was actually supposed to be a bit in the first movie," Gluck revealed.

Tall Girl would not have been the same movie with this alternate ending

If Jack Dunkleman's milk crate had been crushed in the first film, the entire movie would have had an entirely new meaning. "During that final kiss scene with Jodi and Dunkleman when he steps upon the crate, there was a gag that he fell through the crate," Griffin Gluck revealed to The List. "Like, he saved the crate for this magical moment, and then, when he finally gets to use it, it doesn't work." Needless to say, this ending would have not been as adorable as we had all anticipated the moment we started watching the first movie.

Luckily, everyone on-set knew that this wasn't the right way to end Dunkleman and Jodi's love story. Falling through the crate in the first movie "just, like, kind of ruined the scene," Gluck said. "It kind of, like, interrupted it, but they found a place for it again in the second one."

"Tall Girl 2" is available to stream now exclusively on Netflix.