Meet Jarrette Jones From The New Season Of Love Is Blind

In 2020, we spent Quarantine 1.0 watching the toxic dynamics between contestants on Netflix's hit reality series "Love is Blind." We learned many lessons during that time. Contestants Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton taught us what true love looks like, and Giannina Gabelli and Damian Powers taught us what not to say, (via YouTube). We also learned that Jessica Batten was 34 years old at the time of filming. 

We've been fighting withdrawal symptoms practically ever since Season 1 dropped — but no more! As with its first release, Netflix dropped another season of the show just in time for Valentine's Day. Once again, contestants date without ever seeing each other (as they stay in their own 'pods') and they only meet when they're ready to get married. This time, we've got a completely new cast to obsess over, many of whom are already stoking controversy because of their indecisiveness and superficiality. Newcomer Jarrette Jones belongs in the first category, and he's already becoming a hot topic among fans.

Jarrette Jones is a Renaissance man

Per Stylecaster, Jarrette Jones was first introduced to viewers along with Iyanna McNeely, as their date was one of the first to be featured on Season 2 of "Love Is Blind." From their date, we learned that Jones is from Chicago, and that both McNeely and Jones plan on having children in the future. "I want a big family. I didn't have one growing up cause I was an only child and it was kind of lonely," McNeely confessed, according to Stylecaster. The chemistry between the two of them practically leapt off the screen. "7 minutes into Love Is Blind and I'm already invested in Iyanna and Jarrette," one fan wrote on Twitter.

Like most of the other contestants on the show, Jones is new to the world of reality TV. According to his LinkedIn profile, he works as an associate project manager at Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Over on Instagram, he lists his other side hustles, including "Sneaker Dealer," investor, barber, and podcast host — so safe to say, he's definitely keeping busy. Jones will likely remain one of the contestants with extra screen time as he navigates the process of finding love onscreen, so anyone interested in learning more about him can tune into the show to follow his journey. The first five episodes of Season 2 of "Love Is Blind" are currently available on Netflix. Fans can also choose to wait until February 25 to watch, which is when the finale will air.