Selling Tampa Season 2: Details We Know So Far

"Selling Sunset" was a worldwide phenomenon, so it made complete sense when Netflix branched off into a glamorous new city. Per Screen Rant, "Selling Tampa" debuted on the streaming service on December 15, 2021 and quickly became one of its most-watched and top-rated shows. "Selling Sunset" is known for boasting an all-female cast of realtors. In "Selling Tampa," the show focuses on a brokerage run and staffed entirely by Black women.

Knowingly called Allure Realty, the various properties these impressive ladies were attempting to flog were just as stunning as their L.A. counterparts, particularly considering the potential to dominate Tampa's ocean-fronted market. Founder Sharelle Rosado proved to be an impressive leader too, even more so than the Oppenheim twins. As Elle notes, Allure has offices in both Tampa Bay and Miami, despite the company only being founded in 2019, so the potential for future expansion is huge.

"Selling Tampa" debuted just in time to cure our winter blues, but now that viewers have binge-watched the first season at least once, we're all hungry for round two. This is everything we know about "Selling Tampa" Season 2 thus far.

Has Selling Tampa been renewed for Season 2?

Cosmopolitan confirms "Selling Tampa" hasn't been renewed for a second season just yet. However, it's still early days since the first season only dropped on Netflix on December 15, 2021. It's entirely possible "Selling Tampa" could be shot later this year, with a view to dropping Season 2 either in December or even before if the streaming giant wants to capitalize on word of mouth. 

As Elite Daily notes, although "Selling Tampa" was demonstrably popular with viewers, executives working behind the scenes typically take their time double-checking the numbers and making sure it's worth their while to continue on. Having said that, considering it trended in the streaming giant's Top 10 and sister show "Selling Sunset" just got renewed once again, it's safe to say we can expect more "Selling Tampa."

Reasonably speaking, there are usually about six months between each season of "Selling Sunset," but fans had to wait an infamously long time for the most recent season due to COVID-19. So, it could be summer 2022 or we might have to wait until winter again, we'll just have to wait and see.

Who's in the cast of Selling Tampa Season 2?

One of the biggest plot points in "Selling Tampa" Season 1 was Rena Frazier potentially leaving Allure Realty to start her own brokerage. In fact, as Cosmopolitan points out, she actually signed the lease on her very own office during the finale. However, Frazier is still listed as an Allure agent at the time of writing, and her Instagram bio says likewise, so it's reasonably likely she'll be back for Season 2.

Alexis Williams, on the other hand, was sent packing after disappointing sales. It's unclear whether this was a storyline on the show or a real development, since she's listed as both a cast-member on the show and simply an agent, with no associated brokerage, on Williams' own social media. Finally, boss Sharelle Rosado revealed her pregnancy in Season 1, which might necessitate relocating to Miami, where partner Chad Johnson is based. Since Allure has a branch there too, she could easily split her time.

Johnson could even make an appearance on the show, too, with Rosado teasing in an interview with Bustle, "Chad respected that this is my show ...As we grow, if we begin a Season 2, you'll eventually see more of Chad." She's expected to return if the show is renewed regardless, alongside Anne-Sophie Petit, Colony Reeves, Juawana Williams, Karla Giorgio, and Tennille Moore. Elite Daily notes several new agents have since been added to the Allure roster, so we could be seeing some new faces, too.

What could Season 2 of Selling Tampa be about?

As Digital Spy reports, there was plenty of drama in the debut season of "Selling Tampa." The door is open for Rena Frazier to return to the brokerage, if she even really left in the first place — but no doubt there will be hurt feelings if she does come back. Elsewhere, other agents complained about not getting enough commission and even considering moving to other brokerages themselves, or starting their own, as a result.

Anne-Sophie Petit was harboring dreams of launching her own firm, once she gets her real estate license of course. Juawana Williams, meanwhile, will be stepping into more of a leadership role as Sharelle Rosado splits her time between Miami and Tampa.The boss lady herself told Metro that there was plenty of stuff left on the cutting room floor from Season 1. 

Rosado teased, "We had a lot of content that we probably could have done two seasons with all that we had." She was keen not to get fans' hopes up too much but acknowledged it would be great to be renewed. As for Alexis Williams, the two are still in touch, and Rosado doesn't regret letting her go, reasoning she had to show she meant business. "She's actually getting herself together, her personal life and trying to figure herself out," Rosado shared.

Clearly, Season 2 of "Selling Tampa" can't come quickly enough. While we wait, hopefully "Selling The O.C." will materialize.