Selling The OC Season 1: Details We Know So Far

The great thing about being a "Selling Sunset" fan is you're never left wanting. The hit Netflix real estate reality TV show always delivers and has your next dose at the ready. The curse of most Netflix shows is that once a season comes out, you instantly marathon-watch it and are left with a very long wait before a next season is even confirmed, let alone filmed and ready to release. That's not the case with these real estate moguls. Most "Selling Sunset" seasons end with a teaser trailer promising to deliver even more drama in the season to come (via Telly Mix). 

When Season 4 dropped on November 25, it was all anyone could talk about, and the producers knew exactly how to keep the conversation going. November was all about all things "Selling Sunset" with Netflix announcing that there would be not one, but two spinoff shows of the series (via Us Weekly). "Selling Tampa" was announced by Netflix on November 22 and a trailer released shortly after (via Twitter). While fans won't have to wait long with that series releasing on December 15, there's another spinoff in the works as well: "Selling The OC."

How long do you have to wait for "Selling The OC"?

On November 8, Variety exclusively announced that the hit Netflix show "Selling Sunset" would be getting a spinoff set in the OC. The announcement came with the exciting news that filming had already begun and the show would likely be available for streaming in 2022. Star of the show and real estate mogul Jason Oppenheim shared the news on his Instagram, "I am so excited for our new show, 'Selling the OC,' about my Newport Beach office and its amazing agents! Thank you [Netflix, Lionsgate TV, Adam Divello, and Skyler Wakil] for believing in me and what we have all created together with 'Selling Sunset.'"

Netflix has yet to announce a release date or share a teaser trailer, but Season 4 of "Selling Sunset" and the upcoming "Selling Tampa" are likely to keep fans occupied until it's ready. But with filming already having begun, the cast members have been set and fans even got a sneak peek.

The Oppenheim brothers tease the spinoff in "Selling Sunset" finale

By now, almost everyone has marathon-watched "Selling Sunset" Season 4. For those that were aware of the upcoming "Selling The OC" spinoff — you got a little sneak peek with the Season 4 finale. The season wrapped up at an explosive party (as per usual). While most fans may have been distracted by the building tension and wondering whether Christine Quinn was going to show up or not, you may have missed a vital detail when it comes to the new Orange County spinoff series. 

The explosive season finale party was actually a celebration of The Oppenheim Brothers expanding their real estate empire — during which they announced the launch of a new Oppenheim Group office in Newport Beach, California where "Selling The OC" will take place (via Vulture). This announcement included a little sneak peek of the cast of the new show.  

Who will be the cast of the new spinoff?

The "Selling Sunset" finale didn't only confirm the new office, but they also introduced some of the new cast members. "Selling The OC" will be based out of the Oppenheim Group Newport Beach office, and feature an entirely new cast of real estate agents. The first agent introduced was Brandi Marshall, who has been working with the Oppenheim brothers for a while and spends a lot of time as an influencer on social media specializing in home remodeling tips (via Distractify).

Another confirmed cast member is Austin Victoria. He was an actor/model for many years, which means he fits right in to this franchise. The third and final confirmed new agent so far is Alexandra Hall, and she specializes in interior design as well as selling luxury homes. 

Fans have wondered if "Selling Sunset" cast members will join the new office, especially Heather Rae Young considering she now lives in Newport Beach. However, despite her being listed as an agent at the new office, it doesn't seem like she'll make an appearance (via Women's Health). 

Speaking about the new office, Jason Oppenheim shared, "We hang out a lot together when I'm down here, similar to my experience in LA. I've become good friends with a lot of these agents, and I have to say that the success of the office has far exceeded my expectations" (via Architectural Digest).