The Young And The Restless' Chancellor Family Tree Explained

The Chancellor family is seeing a resurgence on "The Young and the Restless" in 2022, but this upscale, wealthy clan has been front and center since the 1970s, starting with Phillip Chancellor II (Donnelly Rhodes) and his wife Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper). Although they didn't have any children together, Katherine had a son named Brock (Beau Kazer) Reynolds from her first marriage, and we eventually learned she had another son named Tucker McCall (Stephen Nichols). When Katherine died in 2013, she left the entire Chancellor fortune to Tucker's son, Devon Hamilton (Bryton James).

But before we can get to the present day with the Chancellor clan, we must look at the other characters that make up this prestigious Genoa City family.

Phillip Chancellor's second wife, Jill Foster

Young Jill Foster (then Brenda Dickson, now played by Jess Walton) was Katherine Chancellor's manicurist, personal assistant, and confidante. What Katherine never expected was that Jill would fall for her husband. An alcoholic Katherine tried everything to stop them from being together, but Philip divorced her and married Jill anyway. After Phillip was killed when a drunk Katherine drove their vehicle right over a cliff, Jill found herself pregnant and gave birth to his son, who she also named Phillip.

Jill eventually remarried when she wed John Abbott (Jerry Douglas), another much older, wealthy man and she had his son, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson). And, by the time Katherine left this soap world, she and Katherine were friends after years of being enemies. Jill still considers herself a Chancellor at heart and even has Billy (Jason Thompson) helping run a part of Chancellor Industries.

Jill's son, Phillip Chancellor III

Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz) had quite an interesting life. He was raised by Jill Foster Abbott, who put him in boarding schools for some of his childhood, but as a teenager, he returned to Genoa City and grew close to Katherine Chancellor, who thought of him as part of her family since he was her beloved Phillip's son. Although Jill and Katherine fought for his affections, he had two younger women turning on the charm as well. Philip wanted to marry Christine Blair (Lauralee Bell), but one night with Nina Webster (Tricia Cast) resulted in her pregnancy.

Nina gave birth to Phillip Chancellor IV, but then Phillip III was allegedly killed when he was driving drunk. Years later, it turned out that Phillip III had faked his own death because he was tired of living a lie. He was gay and he was finally ready to be open with his family so they could know he was alive and who he truly was. As of this writing, Phillip III lives in Australia with his partner, but he still has a son, Phillip IV.

Phillip Chancellor IV, aka Chance Chancellor

The little boy Nina Webster gave birth to all those years ago is now a grown man and goes by the name Chance Chancellor. Chance (then played by Donny Boaz, now Connor Floyd) returned to Genoa City in 2020 and quickly fell for Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway). The two discussed their desire to have kids after sleeping together once, so they decided to get married and have kids. However, it turned out neither one could have kids the natural way. Right after they learned that, government agent Chance was called away on assignment and missing for months.

That didn't stop Abby from creating another pseudo Chancellor with the help of some friends. She enlisted the help of her friend Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) to carry a baby made from Abby's egg and Devon Hamilton's sperm. Nine months later, Mariah gave birth to Dominic Phillip Abbott Newman Winters Chancellor. However, when Chance was presumed dead, and then found alive and returned from his mission, he wasn't sure he wanted the baby named for all prominent Genoa City families.