How The Bold And The Beautiful Paid Tribute To Betty White

Betty White's tragic passing broke the hearts of fans across the world. The actress and comedian, best known for her roles on "The Golden Girls" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," was a beloved staple in pop culture (via The Washington Post). When she passed away, fans and colleagues, including President Joe Biden and Ryan Reynolds sent out heartbreaking posts in memory of White.

Her death even inspired a challenge, coined "The Betty White Challenge," that encouraged fans of the actress to donate to local animal charities as she was a passionate animal lover and advocate (via Variety). The challenge raised over 12.7 million dollars for various animal shelters.

Fans and colleagues alike have gone above and beyond to pay tribute to the fallen star. NBC, the network that aired "The Golden Girls," put together an hour-long special in memory of the star and they weren't alone (via The Hollywood Reporter). Another show White was on specially memorialized her.

The soap opera dedicated an episode to White

Most fans remember Betty White from her beloved role as Rose Nyland on "The Golden Girls," but she also had several smaller roles on major television shows, including the hit soap opera, "The Bold and the Beautiful."

According to The Focus, White played the character Ann Douglas on the soap. She appeared on the show for 23 episodes between 2006 and 2009, playing the mother of Pam and Stephanie Douglas. Eventually, White's character would become terminally ill and pass away, ending her story arc.

While White may have only been a guest star on "The Bold and the Beautiful," she made an impact on the cast, crew, and fans alike. In honor of her passing, the show dedicated an episode to her (via the Soap Opera Network).

The show released a statement that read, "Our deepest sympathies to the family & loved ones of Betty White who graced us with her joyful presence and remarkable talent as Ann Douglas," adding, "Betty was as Bold and Beautiful as they come and she will be greatly missed."

The episode aired on January 17 and featured a title card that read, "In Memory of Betty White."