The Worst Sins Brooke Logan Has Committed On The Bold And The Beautiful

Brooke Logan Forrester (portrayed by Katherine Kelly Lang) may not be one of the bad guys on "The Bold and the Beautiful," but she's certainly done her share of bad things. Furthermore, she might not have meant to commit a litany of sins, but after having been the show's leading lady for nearly 35 years, she's certainly had time to make her fair share of mistakes.

Typically, Brooke's mistakes involve the bedroom, which is quite apropos considering her line of lingerie for Forrester Creations was called Brooke's Bedroom (via TV Insider). While many fans would argue that the true love of Brooke's life is Ridge Forrester (originally played by Ronn Moss, now Thorsten Kaye), a man she has married a whopping nine times, Brooke has been a very busy woman with other men — and other people's men — since her college days. This is when she first laid eyes on Ridge, a man she couldn't have because he was in love with someone else. In fact, many of her sins may specifically center around him. While Brooke has done quite a few naughty things, it's time to settle once and for all which were her worst.

Brooke slept with her daughter's husband

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has changed over time, but Brooke doesn't always follow suit. Brooke's daughter, Bridget (played by both Jennifer Finnegan and Ashley Jones as an adult), was very young when she fell for scoundrel Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan). Brooke was shocked when Deacon and Bridget married, especially when she believed her daughter wasn't ready for such a step. However, Brooke was attracted to Deacon herself, and, although she tried to fight it, she couldn't. So, one night she indeed slept with the man her daughter was married to — an act that changed the face of the soap forever (via Soaps In Depth).

That led to Brooke giving birth to Deacon's daughter, Hope (played as an adult in 2022 by Annika Noelle), but vowing to never let Deacon be a permanent part of her life, except as Hope's dad. Somehow, her relationship with Bridget survived this incident, though it did carry lifelong consequences. The relationship was touch-and-go between this mother and daughter for quite a while.

Brooke slept with her daughter's high school boyfriend

Flash forward to Hope's high school years, and Brooke made a similar mistake once more. This time, it was a case of mistaken identity (via Soap Hub). Wanting to do something nice for Hope (played by Kim Matula), Brooke threw her a masquerade-themed graduation party, not knowing that Hope planned to sleep with her boyfriend, Oliver (Zack Conroy), for the very first time that night.

Brooke had also used the occasion to make plans for a secret rendezvous with Ridge. The problem occurred when Oliver and Ridge were both wearing masks, as well as the same Forrester Creations jacket. Brooke left the house to meet Ridge outside in the dark and found Oliver instead. She thought he was Ridge, he thought she was Hope, and the pair ended up making a big mistake before they realized what happened. Amazingly, Brooke was able to salvage her relationship with her younger daughter the same way she had with her older daughter years earlier.

Brooke slept with her sister's husband

Brooke definitely likes to keep it all in the family, as evidenced by the fact that she married three different Forrester men at different points in her life. Of course, these were Eric (John McCook) and his sons, Ridge and Thorne (Winsor Harmon). However, marrying a father and his sons is not even remotely the worst of Brooke's sins. According to Soap Hub, she also slept with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) when he was married to her sister, Katie (Heather Tom), who was going through postpartum depression at the time.

Granted, Katie pushed them together when she wasn't in her right mind, but she didn't expect her sister to sleep with her husband (via Soaps In Depth). When she recovered and learned what happened, Katie divorced Bill, and Brooke eventually married him. However, that marriage didn't last, and, like she did with her daughters, Brooke managed to salvage her relationship with her sisters, too.

Brooke came (almost) full circle with Deacon

In 2022, Deacon is still part of Brooke's life, as he returned to town at the end of 2021 following after a stint in prison. Although Deacon said he was there to finally form a relationship with her adult daughter, Hope, and meet her two small children, he admitted to his confidante, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), that he still had feelings for Brooke after all these years. As Sheila is the show's top villainess and has always hated Brooke, she decided the best way to ruin her life is to ruin her marriage to Ridge, who hates Deacon with the fire of a thousand suns (via

As an alcoholic, Brooke only planned to drink some tame cider on New Year's Eve, but Sheila switched the labels on two different bottles and Brooke drank real champagne (via A tipsy Brooke later kissed Deacon, who was wearing a Santa hat, as they rang in the new year. However, the coverup after the kiss is where the biggest problems arose. Brooke learned that Hope's adopted son, Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri), saw her and Deacon together and told anyone who would listen that he saw "Grandma kissing Santa Claus" (via When Brooke learned what Douglas saw, she told the confused little boy that he didn't know what he was talking about, and then asked him to never say anything about it again, per Soap Central. Douglas didn't listen, and now Ridge knows the truth. So, what sin might she commit this time to make sure she doesn't have to marry this man again?