Here's What Storm Reid Is Studying At School

Audiences might know her as Zendaya's younger sister on HBO's "Euphoria," but Storm Reid has been working in Hollywood since her first role at just 10 years old in "12 Years a Slave." Since then, she's shined in Ava DuVernay's "A Wrinkle in Time," 2020's "The Invisible Man," and 2021's "Suicide Squad" remake (via IMDb). Even with all this success, Reid still had major plans as a high school senior in 2021. She told In The Know that she had gotten advice from DuVernay, who she calls "Miss Ava," that Reid should apply to four colleges. "See if you fall in love with the process and if you fall in love with these schools where you get accepted," Reid remembered the director saying. 

The 18-year-old actress did just that, and the acceptances started rolling in. Reid posted an Instagram video of her opening USC's admissions decision while on FaceTime with her mom. "I've been on set allllllll day, and I wanted to wait to get home to open this," her caption read. As it turned out, she had an acceptance to share. Reid later shared her academic plans with In The Know. "I really just want that college experience," she explained. "I've been homeschooled since sixth grade. I didn't get a high school experience." Naturally, Ava DuVernay's career path is one of Reid's major inspirations because the accomplished director never attended film school. Reid ultimately believes that she can be a "student of life," though she's also studying at school.

She hopes to become a filmmaker someday

Storm Reid may have big plans for the future, but the young actress is already using her public platform for social good. "I'm all about the equity work and being civically engaged to facilitate the integrity of life within a community," she told PopSugar in a 2020 interview for the National Day of Racial Healing.  The actress called herself an "artivist" who uses her craft to make a difference in the world. Reid also hopes to become a filmmaker someday, and is already telling important stories through her production company, A Seed & Wing Productions. She told In The Know that its projects will consist of "multi-hyphenate, multicultural stories that represent the real world as a whole." 

"I am a Bachelor of Arts in the USC School of Dramatic Arts. I plan to minor in African American Studies," Reid told In The Know. Later, in an Instagram post updating fans on her journey, Reid wrote, "best decision i've made. semester 1 in the books." She told In The Know, "I hope to be there for the four years, but if I'm not and work gets crazy, I know that I tried to further my education." Even if her career path takes her elsewhere, it sounds like Reid's college years are off to an excellent start.