What Ashley Jones Had To Say About A Possible The Bold And The Beautiful Comeback

Every once in a while "The Bold and the Beautiful" fans get a treat when Ashley Jones returns to the soap as Bridget Forrester, daughter of Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Eric Forrester (John McCook). While Bridget hasn't had a story of her own since 2010, Jones will pop up for big family events like weddings or when her mother needs a listening ear.

While Jones got her soap start on "The Young and the Restless" back in 1997 as Megan Dennison and appeared in a groundbreaking role on "General Hospital" as Parker Forsyth, Kristina Corinthos' (Lexi Ainsworth) college professor whom she fell madly in love with and lived with for more than a year, Jones is best known as Bridget. On "B&B," Bridget is a successful doctor who now lives far away from the soap's fictional version of Los Angeles raising her son, Logan. However, Bridget led quite a life before she became a mom and a possible comeback to the soap would be perfect considering the big story that started off 2022.

Bridget once lost her husband to her mother

As "The Bold and the Beautiful" rang in the new year, Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) and Brooke shared a kiss that never should have happened, as alcoholic Brooke drank champagne on New Year's Eve after the evil Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) switched her non-alcoholic beverage with an alcoholic one. That one drink got the very married Brooke tipsy enough to ring in the new year kissing a man who wasn't her husband. But, at least this incident wasn't as bad as the time Brooke slept with Deacon while he was married to her daughter, Bridget.

That long ago night with Deacon led to the birth of Brooke's youngest daughter, Hope (Annika Noelle). Now an adult, Hope wants to get to know the father who didn't raise her but also did her best to keep the fact that her mother kissed her father a secret from Brooke's current husband, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). All of this could be the perfect setup for Ashley Jones to bring Bridget back to the canvas.

Could Bridget make Deacon's 'B&B' return more interesting?

On a January 2022 episode of the YouTube program "Bold Live," Supervising Producer Casey Kasprzyk welcomed Ashley Jones, as well as some "The Bold and the Beautiful" super fans, to discuss both Jones' life and career with fan Matt Hanvey reminding Jones that at one time Bridget was Hope's confidante — especially when Brooke slept with Hope's high school boyfriend. That's when the current story came into the conversation with Jones admitted Bridget would fit right in.

"When everything happened with Oliver, you're absolutely right, the first person that Hope ran to was Bridget, so I think this would really be ... I mean, this is the first time it makes sense, like really, really make sense ... for Bridget to come back and see ... there's just so much to explore here," Jones said, before responding to a fan who asked if maybe Bridget and Deacon were not in love. "He married her," Jones stressed. "It doesn't really matter, they were married." 

Might 2022 be the year Ashley Jones returns with a storyline?

So, is there a chance that Ashley Jones might be returning since the story could be so juicy and the writers could also explore any lingering feelings between Bridget and Deacon? A fan asked Jones just that on "Bold Live."

"I am probably not the right person to ask," Jones answered when asked about a "The Bold and the Beautiful" return. "But I'll tell you this... the show is a certain amount of time every day, and there's a lot of fun characters on the show. Working as a producer," she continued, "you kind of have to put the puzzle pieces together and figure out the storyline you're going to have. And when there's a perfect storyline for Bridget, I promise you, [they] will probably bring her back."

So, if "The Bold and the Beautiful" asks Jones back, is she ready to make her way onto a soap set once again? "I will say, formally, that I would love to come back," she admitted. "Because I love my family there. I think everybody knows that, because I post about it a lot. And I would love to explore some storylines with Bridget. So we'll see what happens."