Why TikTok Is So Worried About Twee Coming Back

While specific style might come and go, trends are always coming back into fashion. Just look at the high-waisted jean trend and bucket hats, for example. Styles come back every few decades and then generations are blamed for the comeback. it's like clockwork. But this time, TikTok is not so enthused about a certain trend coming back. According to Seventeen, millennials are being blamed for bringing back the twee style, and Gen Z is not happy about it. 

File this under the list of things that millennials are blamed for, along with marriage, the 9-to-5 work week, and even napkins. Yes, millennials are blamed for a lot, but TikTok says this trend might just be the worst. 

If you're not old enough to remember the casually uncool style of twee, here's everything you need to know about the style and why people are already traumatized that it could make a come back. 

Milliennial reminiscing might turn into the next fashion trend

If there's one thing that millennials love to do, it's reminisce. Whether it's their high school favorite bands making a comeback or their MySpace pictures being unarchived, there is nothing like a walk down memory lane. That's exactly what they did with the twee style on TikTok — they started reminiscing. Well, unfortunately, people on the app have spoken, and twee is not welcome.

The trend is to lip sync to She & Him's song "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" and show old photos of yourself deep into the twee style. "Pics from my twee/indie days," TikTok user Steffy Degreff shows in her video, "Who am I kidding, I'm still twee." She then adds pictures of herself in skater skirts and quirky colors that will bring you right back to blogging in the 2000's.

Gen Z might not be able to stop this trend from happening though. According to Mashable, there have been over 5,000 videos uploaded about twee and the tag has over 5 million views. "I think it's really cute I don't get the hate," one comment reads. "Y'all need to chill out lol." This could be the skater skirt and Oxford shoe awakening that you never knew you needed.

Reinvented names for twee are so good

The twee legend herself, Zooey Deschanel even got in on the TikTok trend. You know, as in the "she" part of the band She & Him. The actress posted a video of herself completely nailing the 2000s trends with the caption, "I'd like to thank TikTok for teaching my what twee means." She then goes on to show herself wearing some of the most iconicly twee looks for the decade, thus solidifying that she is the queen of twee.

People have lovingly renamed the twee name into something a bit more recognizable with their generation. Comments on TikTok share alternative names like "New Girl Core" and "Jessica Day Core" to reflect just how iconic Zooey Deschanel's style was in the era. They also added in "Forever 21 Core" and "Millennial Hipster Buzzfeed Core" into the mix which has a nice ring to it. While wear tights and flats, skater skirts, and belted dresses might not ring a bell when you hear the word "twee," the alternative names definitely do.

Only time will tell if this trend is coming back into fashion. One thing is for sure — if we can sell the millennials on the look, it'll come back swinging. Until then, let's all just sit back and reminisce.