The Truth About The Relationship Between LeMeir And Danielle From Black Ink Crew

If you're as obsessed with "Black Ink Crew: Compton" as we are, there's no doubt you're also a fan of the show's cast — and are pretty curious about their lives off-screen. The show centers on the tattoo parlor IAM Compton, owned by tattoo extraordinaire and rapper Danny Kirkpatrick, better known as KP. Other features cast members are the parlor's tattoo artists, including Ink Drippin', Nessie Blaze, and Vudu Dahl, plus manager Tim Simmons and receptionist Barbie (via VH1). But tattoo expert LeMeir Mitchell has set himself apart on the show for his relentless work ethic, hilarious antics, separate business ventures, and, yes, his adorable relationship with fiancé Danielle Emani.

As referenced on the show, Mitchell and Emani are high school sweethearts that made their way from Philadelphia to California to follow Mitchell's big dreams. As any fan of "Black Ink Crew" knows, Mitchell and Emani are steadfast in their love for one another, and are notoriously one of the most down-to-earth couples on the show. In fact, they don't usually let drama get in the way of their relationship. That being said, the couple has still had their fair share of hurdles, including some that die-hard fans might not even be aware of. Just like any other eight-year partnership, Mitchell and Emani aren't perfect, but they work hard in both business and family life (via The Cinemaholic). Here's everything you need to know about Compton's golden couple.

The "Black Ink Crew" couple have had their fair share of ups and downs

There's no doubt LeMeir Mitchell and Danielle Emani are couple goals. While Mitchell is known as a tattoo artist, he and Emani also run a cool dessert business called Happy Ice. Still, "Black Ink Crew: Compton" demonstrates how keeping both tattooing and Happy Ice running smoothly takes a toll on the couple. They've experienced trauma, too. While they were ecstatic to welcome their baby, Summer, in October 2019 (via Twitter), they also went through a major health scare when told the baby could be born with spina bifida (via Instagram). 

According to Distractify, Emani came forward on the show saying that Mitchell cheated on her a few years ago, and that she still feels jealousy. "With the shop comes a lot of drama, females. That's when the b**hes wanna come in and get they p***y tatted," Emani explained. She then told Mitchell, "You watch yourself while you in the shop," with the tattoo artist responding, "All I care about [is] you and my baby." 

Mitchell is clear about how much Emani means to him. After proposing to Emani in June 2020, he wrote on Instagram, "You moved across the country with me, away from your family for me. Believing in my vision. You fought to stay by my side in my darkest time." Proving she's his ride-or-die, Mitchell wrote, "You put your dreams to the side to help me build Happy Ice. Most of all you gave me the best gift of my life [Summer]."

Now they're happier than ever as a family of four

LeMeir Mitchell and Danielle Emani's relationship has been tumultuous, but they're in a great place now. Before Summer was born, Emani shared on Instagram, "These past [8 months] have been super overwhelming from running [Happy Ice], filming, and trying to take in that I am about to be a mother." But once having children, the couple is living the good life. Mitchell explained to The Quintessential Gentleman, "When we first found out my wife was pregnant, we were excited and nervous because we had a lot going on, and it did not seem like the best time." However, once Summer was born, they realized "the timing couldn't be better," and Mitchell realized that being a father made him "a better businessman." Fatherhood has forced him to find "the balance more," and he has his "daughter to thank for that push."

Now that Mitchell and Emani have welcomed their second daughter, Sage, into the world, there's nothing stopping this couple from success, whether in their family, romance, or careers. Plus, they have an exciting wedding to plan. Both Mitchell and Emani were ecstatic at their latest gender reveal, which showed Mitchell was going to be a "girl dad 2.0" (via Instagram), and now with both Summer and Sage in tow, they're feeling as complete as ever. Plus, with a "God-sent opportunity" to open a Happy Ice storefront "in the exact location" they had already established for the food truck (via The Quintessential Gentleman), it seems that destiny is on this couple's side!