The Chicago Med Episode You Forgot Michael Harney From Orange Is The New Black Was In

"Orange Is the New Black" is one of the best shows on Netflix — and one of the most successful. In fact, in 2019, the show was declared one of the streaming platform's most-viewed original programs (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). The show, which followed life inside of a women's prison, won fans over with its combination of comedy and drama. The series' characters also humanized people who were incarcerated, even if it was a scripted show.

One of the show's most notable non-inmate characters, Sam Healy, was played by Michael Harney. Healy is most notably for saying, "Lesbians are dangerous," in one episode (via Bustle). While this is obviously untrue, it became synonymous with his character, who was also often racist and homophobic. Luckily, Harney could not be more different from his character. "Orange Is the New Black" was written by and mostly starred women, and Harney wouldn't have it any other way.

While Harney is perhaps best known for his role on "Orange Is the New Black," he's had many other roles throughout his career (via IMDb). He even guest starred on an episode of "Chicago Med" that many may have forgotten about.

Harney was a guest in the One Chicago universe

Like "Orange Is the New Black," the series in the One Chicago universe that are still on the air — "Chicago Med," "Chicago Fire," and "Chicago P.D." —  are extremely popular (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). They are consistently raking in high ratings, and all three of the series are beloved by large groups of fans. While "Chicago Fire" is the most popular, "Chicago Med" is close behind in views and ratings.

Harney appeared on an episode of "Chicago Med" during the show's inaugural season (via IMDb). Furthermore, he portrayed Dr. Ron Unger in the 2016 episode "Intervention." The episode centered around Colin Donnell's Dr. Connor Rhodes and Bryan Tee's Dr. Ethan Choi's disagreement over a dying patient's request. The doctors were also tasked with having to save a patient dealing with flesh-eating bacteria. Harney's character was on the scene during a code blue fiasco in which the doctors were unable to save the patient.

The episode dealt with a lot of loss and traumatic illnesses, but the team worked together the best they could — and Harney ultimately did really well as Dr. Unger. Who knows? Maybe he'll reprise this role at some point.