Why Fans Think Beth Dutton Is The Best Character On TV Right Now

What will Beth Dutton do next? That's the question that all "Yellowstone" viewers seemingly have while watching the show's most talked-about and fierce character, per Wide Open Country. Love her or hate, Beth has captured the attention of TV fans and given them someone to root for, or root against, depending on which side of the argument they're on. The character of Beth is a complicated one to say the least. The role is portrayed by British actress Kelly Reilly, who has given her on-screen alter-ego plenty of life.

"Beth is the efficacious daughter of a rancher, thrown suddenly into matriarchy after the death of her mother and tasked with the impossible — holding together a family of broken men as they attempt to surmount impossible odds," Beth's character description reads (via Paramount Network). "Given the moniker 'Hatchet Man,' by those who know her, Beth is unrelenting in her duties, even when war is waging all around—and often within her."

While "Yellowstone" viewers are often torn about Beth's motives and behavior, some fans believe that the only Dutton daughter is currently one of television's best characters. 

Some fans can't get enough of Yellowstone's Beth Dutton

According to CinemaBlend, Beth Dutton is unlike any other character airing on television right now. The "Yellowstone" standout isn't alone when it comes to incredible character traits on the show. However, she's one of the sparks that gives fans a reason to return to the series week after week. Beth has been through it all. She's been beaten and bullied and never seems to stop pushing forward with her own brand of sassiness and bold honesty. She may be the only Dutton woman, but she can hang with the boys when it comes to fighting for her family's Montana ranch.

However, she's also got a softer side. Of course, she is very picky about who gets to see it. Beth has a fierce loyalty to her father, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), and a strong love for her husband Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). She's also become like an adopted mother to Carter, a young boy who lost his family and had no place to go by the Yellowstone Ranch. Although Beth often sabotages herself and creates more trouble than needed, the character keeps the Dutton family on their toes and leaves viewers with something to talk about in the process.

While some fans have raised Beth to the level of an icon when it comes to strong female TV characters, others can't stand her brutal and at times vulgar traits. However, "Yellowstone" simply wouldn't be the same without her.