If You're A Gemini, This Cocktail Is A Must-Try

Rumor has it that we can't get enough of the zodiac, and let's just put it this way: we are very much okay with using astrology as a guide for almost every aspect of our lives. Why? Mainly because it usually is scarily accurate. Astrology is an age-old practice that centers on the 12 astrological signs, ranging from the humanitarian, water-bearing Aquarius signs to the fiery, party-hard Aries to the always balanced, creative Libras. While most of us know our sun signs by looking up our horoscopes in magazines and websites alike, most zodiac naysayers would be absolutely shocked by the accuracy of the full scope of their birth chart. Including your sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, Venus, and more, your complete chart gives details on your inner self, who you are emotionally, and who the rest of the world sees you as. It is eerie how true-to-life it is — and usually converts zodiac doubters instantly.

While a birth chart reading is more precise, your sun sign still serves as a fantastic marker when thinking about who you are in this world. As the sign that's in charge of the type of energy you bring to other people, who you believe you are, and who you're most likely to grow into as you age (via Mind Body), it's a great way to analyze your most basic identity and essence. Another aspect of your life your sun sign can surely help out in? Surprisingly enough, your soon-to-be favorite cocktail.

Your best cocktail is the fun, refreshing Aperol Spritz

If you are a Gemini sign, you most probably already know that you are fun-loving, sociable, adore going out to festive dinners and fêtes, and are a natural conversationalist. You're the type of person that friends feel perfectly okay with leaving alone to talk to other people at a party — you'll find an interesting, memorable topic no matter who you meet. As explained by Allure, you're a natural social butterfly that is represented by the "twins" symbol, meaning you are able to shape-shift to be fast friends with just about anyone. You are also deeply creative and find inspiration where others don't, usually trying your hand at different pursuits throughout your life (spoiler alert: you usually excel at all of them!). You are a big talker, but you're thoughtful, too: you often find yourself thinking about your surroundings, and wonder how to pave positive change.

It's no wonder your absolute best cocktail is an Aperol spritz, which is a breath of fresh air just like you are. Geminis will love the Aperol spritz's juicy bite of citrus, blending together the Italian bitters apéritif Aperol with bubbly Prosecco, club soda, and some orange slices. Gemini signs love to take a bite out of life, and Aperol spritzes pair perfectly with sunny days at the pool or beach, fun brunches, and nights spent dancing under the stars. This sign notoriously loves travel, too, so they will appreciate this cocktail's Amalfi Coast flair.