If You're A Cancer, This Cocktail Is A Must-Try

Cocktails are a dose of excitement and good-hearted debauchery for many of us. Truly, there's nothing quite like opening the cocktail menu at a restaurant or bar, surprised to see a well-rounded list full of innovative creations that make you want to try them all. Sure, a glass of pinot noir might be somewhat heart-healthy with antioxidants (via Mayo Clinic), and the next day hangover is usually a bit easier to take on, but a simple glass of wine or beer just doesn't compare to the complexity and fun of a great cocktail. We're just stating facts!

If you're a self-professed cocktail lover, consider yourself not alone. For one, the popularity of cocktails continue to soar, seen in the rise of premixed cocktails. These fun beverages were 2021's fastest-growing spirits category and rose to $1.6 billion in sales (via CNBC). People are more likely to go for fun offerings like mint-infused mojitos or all the spicy margaritas than standard fare like a six-pack of beers — and of course, same goes for restaurants and bars, too. Menus are becoming more and more of a showcase for handcrafted cocktails ranging from modern twists on the old fashioned, or Moscow mules peppered with flavors like blackberries or apple cider. We're all for it, often taking our love of cocktails to our kitchens and serving up margaritas, mai tais, and even grasshoppers as an after-dinner treat for guests. But if made to choose just one favorite cocktail, the zodiac is surprisingly accurate at giving us a hand.

Any Cancer sign will love making a pitcher of ti' punch for loved ones

If you're a Cancer sign, you probably already know that you are one of the most emotional, good-natured signs in the entire zodiac, usually preferring to help out a loved one rather than thinking about yourself. In fact, Cancers are often happy to listen to their friends' and family members' problems, talking them through sticky situations until finding a solution. As per Allure, Cancers are water signs, meaning they are intuitive and can often feel trapped between real life and dreamland. They are deeply sensitive to their surroundings, which can be both a blessing and a curse: a Cancer sign is a master at comforting others because of their trademark empathy, but that also means that they often feel overwhelmed by social interaction. Still, this nostalgic, loving sign is special in every way, and of course, Cancers have an amazing cocktail to match their supportive, uplifting nature.

It's no surprise that the perfect cocktail for Cancer signs is the shareable, fun ti' punch (via EatingWell). As the official cocktail of Martinique, it is somewhat similar to an old fashioned (via Punch Drink), and is both comforting and refreshing. This drink combines rum, preferably rhum agricole or sugarcane juice rum, with lime juice, cane syrup, water and ice. This notoriously simple-to-make cocktail is perfect for Cancers because it is easy to make at home — meaning this sign will adore making it for all their loved ones.