If You're An Aries, This Cocktail Is A Must-Try

If you find yourself flipping through magazines to get to the horoscope section, often wonder your crushes' zodiac signs before going out on the first date, and even have an astrology agenda to plan out your days according to the stars — then you're definitely a zodiac lover. Many of us are admittedly more than a bit obsessed with all things astrology, especially the minute we found out about birth charts. While our most basic sun signs are still deeply relevant when it comes to our inner selves, the energy we emit, and our lifelong paths, just one look at our moon sign, rising sign, Venus, and Mars shows that astrology has been around for thousands of years for a reason — it's scarily accurate. Traversing from the Babylonians to Ancient Greece and Egypt years later (via Time), the zodiac's 12 signs illuminate our lives, and can help us with all kinds of decision making.

While most people use astrology to guide their love lives, day-to-day choices, or even figuring out conflicts within personal relationships, there's a whole other way of using your zodiac sign to your advantage. While you might not realize it, your sign can help you find the best cocktail for you, taking several aspects of your personality into consideration. Yes — our sun signs dig into who we feel like deep within us, and can point to cocktails that define us in drink form — whether you're a bubbly Gemini or an Old Fashioned-loving Taurus.

The perfect Aries cocktail is sweet but has a kick

If you're an Aries, you're known for being straightforward, absolutely hilarious, and always the life of the party — no matter if just arriving to football night at a new friend's house where you don't know anyone, or living it up in the middle of a rave. Wherever you are, you make sure your presence is memorable, and people naturally gravitate towards you. It's that Aries magic.

As explained by Allure, astrology's rams are the first sign in the zodiac, meaning they have an eternal youthfulness and innocence to them that gives them major energy for life. Aries aren't likely to take "no" for an answer, going after what they want with full force — and possibly using their horns on anyone that gets in their way. Yes, Aries are known for having a bit of a temper, but it's just their passionate nature talking. They are devoted to their ambitions and goals, which tends to attract opportunities and sparkle their way no matter where they go.

The absolute best cocktail for a rambunctious, fun, yet direct Aries is no doubt the Kentucky Mule. As astrologer Kim Green described to Eating Well, Aries are independent, driven, and known for their limitless energy — qualities embodied by this juicy, refreshing, fun cocktail. Just like Aries, the Kentucky Mule is sweet but has a kick, mixing slightly-spicy ginger, mint, bourbon and lime with some sugar. Just like this cocktail, Aries definitely make any night interesting.