Why Celebrity Big Brother Fans Are Calling Todrick Hall A Sore Loser

"Celebrity Big Brother" Season 3 has officially come to an end, and it was definitely a dramatic season for the houseguests as well as the fans. During the final episode of the season, the final three, Meisha Tate, Todrick Hall, and Cynthia Bailey were left to fight for their place in the final two (via Entertainment Weekly). During the season's last Head of Household competition, it was Tate who took home yet another HoH honor, leaving her with the task of evicting either Hall or Bailey. Of course, Tate opted to keep her closest friend in the house, Hall, by her side and send Bailey packing.

After the final eviction, both Tate and Hall waited as their former housemates cast their votes to decide the winner of the show. Bailey, who had only left the house moments beforehand, and hadn't gotten to watch any of the episodes back cast her vote for Hall. However, the rest of the jury, including Teddi Mellencamp, Chris Kirkpatrick, Todd Bridges, Lamar Odom, Carson Kressley, Shanna Moakler, and Mirai Nagasu all voted for Tate to win.

During the live vote, things got heated as the houseguests didn't hold back with their comments about Hall. "The one thing that this vote ensures is that I will not ever have to hear your voice again," said Moakler. Mellencamp, Kirkpatrick, and Bridges also took digs at Hall during their turn to vote (via Page Six).

Now, the singer is being called a "sore loser" for his behavior after the finale.

Todrick canceled all interviews after his Big Brother loss

Page Six reports that the majority of the "Celebrity Big Brother" cast didn't appear to be happy to have to choose between Todrick Hall and Meisha Tate as the winner of the season. However, they made it clear it was Tate who deserved to win over Hall with their nearly-unanimous vote. Following the announcement of the winner, the jury looked less than thrilled to greet the Tate and Hall, and there appeared to be plenty of tension among the cast members.

Following the finale, Hall, like many other members of the cast, was expected to do interviews about the season. However, he pulled out of all press obligations. "Todrick being a sore loser and he's not taking it well. Not surprising," one viewer said on Twitter. "What a sore Loser. @Todrick Such a big fan but an even bigger loser," another social media user wrote. "29 days of talking about himself nonstop, and now he decides he doesn't want to," a third person tweeted.

After the drama, "Big Brother" host Julie Chen Moonves opened up about Hall. "My heart hurt for him. He was aware and he looked concerned," she said of Hall following the finale (via EW). "My guess is, he was probably rewinding in his mind what he did in the house to make people upset. I pray he makes any and all amends to those he hurt and that people allow grace and forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Hall has yet to make any statements about his time on the show.