The Real Reason Fans Love Princess Eugenie's Instagram Account

Typically, the public only sees of the royal family what Buckingham Palace wants us to see: the orderly change of the guards, filtered photo-ops of the royal family, and delicate waves from the royals to large crowds of their supporters. It's rare that we see the royals being completely themselves, so when we do, it's almost like breaking through the third wall. For instance, Prince William's Instagram Q&A about the Earthshot Prize was an off-script dream for many royal fans (via ET Canada). He answered important questions about the prize, but also addressed the existence of unicorns soon after speaking Spanish in a British accent. It was a real yet charming way to connect the public with royals that are otherwise inaccessible. 

Clearly, the rise of social media has played a huge part in this openness with the public. Princess Eugenie York, one of Queen Elizabeth's granddaughters, is embracing modern day royal life with her Instagram account, acting as a pioneer in this way. She may work as a director for a London art gallery, as seen on Hauser & Wirth's website, but she fits well into the role of an Insta influencer.

Princess Eugenie's Instagram allows her to show off her personality

Princess Eugenie's Instagram account reflects the fact that she isn't a working royal, at least not full-time. She doesn't attend public engagements on a full-time basis, and is engaged in building a career in the art world, which is one way Eugenie makes her money. In effect, her Instagram account is more personal than the rest of the royal family's accounts, and fans are obsessed with her non-celebrity celebrity aesthetic. This can be seen on Twitter, with one user posting, "I'm just in love with this childhood pic Princess Eugenie shared on Instagram. She is absolutely slathered with sunscreen lotion!!"

You can expect to find throwback photos and selfies from the princess, including of her sisters, friends, family, scenic shots of places she's visited, and extremely candid yet aesthetic photos of her simply being herself. Sometimes, we may catch a glimpse of her passion for art and the causes about which she's passionate. You'll also find adorable and silly photos of her son, August, making her account a wholesome feed of everything she stands for.

However, Princess Eugenie also posts photos of her attending special engagements with the royal family, so you're essentially getting a balance of royal and personal content on her page. She also engages with her followers, posting their works on her Stories, empowering people with surgery scars, and acknowledging her fans. All of her 1.5 million followers (at the time of writing) know she doesn't need a special social media strategy; she's great as-is.