Gabby Barrett Reveals The Best Piece Of Advice She Received From Her Dad

Country music star Gabby Barrett has enjoyed so much success that it can be safely assumed she receives the best advice on her career. From her time on "American Idol's sixteenth season where she finished third and rose to fame, Barrett has been putting in the work and constantly holding down her spot as one of the finest country music acts of our time. She's even been on tours in Nashville, performing with Toby Keith and Keith Urban, per Rolling Stone.

As a rising star, Barrett made her mark in country music and released records that received both critical acclaim and commercial success. One of her most popular songs is "I Hope," and can be compared to the likes of Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats." The track was a smash hit, and it even got a crossover remix that featured Charlie Puth and launched her into superstardom, per The Washington Post

Although fans might assume Barrett looks to her country music idols for words of wisdom, it was actually her father who gave her the best piece of advice. 

Gabby Barrett's father gave her some sound advice

Speaking with Win 98.5 just before Father's Day 2021, Barrett revealed that the best piece of advice came from her father, who taught her to "use negativity as positivity." She continued, "Especially going through school that was really, really important... and it helped me through so much." 

"So, to use anything in life that comes at you in a negative way, to use it as a positive and to know that it's happening for our good in the end," the singer added. 

Despite her fame, Barett appears to have kept her home and family in her heart, even though she came from a working family of eight children, per Taste of Country, and things weren't always smooth sailing. "There were times we couldn't pay the bills in the house but he would still find a way to drive me to my gigs," she told the judges on American Idol (via Penn Live).