The Queen's Former Doctor Opens Up About Her Medical Care

Queen Elizabeth's health has raised concerns for many of her admirers over the past year, per People, and Elizabeth's staff has been keeping an eye on her, too. Back in October 2021, many noticed that the 95-year-old monarch was walking with a cane during a royal outing with her daughter, Princess Anne. That same month, it was revealed that Elizabeth had been taken to the hospital and spent the night for observation. She returned home the following day and was told to rest, forcing her to cancel a trip to Northern Ireland.

The queen continued to take it easy into November, and opted not to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony due to a sprained back. However, later that month she did make an appearance when she attended the baptism of two of her great-grandsons. By December, Elizabeth was back on her feet and taking in-person meetings. However, she chose not to celebrate Christmas with the royal family due to the rise in COVID-19 cases (via People).

In February 2022, the queen was confirmed to have COVID-19 shortly after both Prince Charles and Camilla tested positive for the virus. Now, one of Elizabeth's former doctors is speaking out about what type of care the monarch is likely receiving amid her growing health issues.

Queen Elizabeth reportedly has a team of medical professionals to look after her

Queen Elizabeth II is said to receive medical attention from a plethora of professionals, who ensure she gets the best possible care. The queen's former doctor, Dr. Anna Hemming, recently revealed to The U.S. Sun what it's like to care for Elizabeth, as well as how she's likely being treated amid having COVID-19.

Dr. Hemming revealed that the queen has a number of medical options at her disposal. "There is the Queen's apothecary who runs the medical team, a list of consultants that are on the Queen's list which includes members of the family and staff. There's also an in-house team and an extensive hospital-based consultant list," she explained.

The doctor also revealed that the ultimate goal is to keep Elizabeth safe, healthy, and comfortable so that she can do her job to the best of her ability. "Whatever is necessary is available, and her medical team will be doing what they do when anyone is unwell. This means making sure she is comfortable and having access to the people she needs when she needs them," Dr. Hemming stated.

Finally, Hemming touched on the fact that the queen has been vaccinated for COVID-19, and may only experience cold-like symptoms as her body fights off the virus. However, she says rest is key during this time in hopes that the queen will make a full recovery and get back on her feet.