How Bethenny Frankel Is Helping People In Ukraine

As the horrific destruction and heartbreaking loss of life continues to escalate in Ukraine, people near and far have rallied to do everything they can to help support the country and its people. This has come in the form of spreading awareness on social media and signing petitions on – but the biggest difference that can made to help from a distance is donating. A nation under attack is a tragic state of terror, and with airways closed, the dire need for international aid is beyond urgent, per the BBC

Many have gone into a state of despair and numbness watching the Russian-born attacks continue to unfold, but fortunately, a number of people have gone into action mode and are working their hardest to do whatever it takes to help. Celebrities such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have spoken up and taken action to help Ukraine, but no one could have expected such immense effort and aid to come from none other than a real housewife. 

While "The Real Housewives" are often deemed shallow ladies that are often too preoccupied with frivolity and on-screen drama, Bethenney Frankel is here to set the record straight. Her inspiring contribution will shock you, and we have all the details. 

B Strong rack up $1.5 million in donations

Skinnygirl mogul Bethenny Frankel has mobilized in the face of tragedy before, when her disaster relief initiative B Strong worked tirelessly as the first U.S. mission on the ground after Haiti's earthquake in 2021, according to Fox News. Since then, Frankel — along with her B Strong team — have offered immeasurable aid following Hurricane Ida, the Bronx apartment building fire, and even the AstroWorld tragedy. Ukraine has been no exception.

Immediately after tweeting about the shocking invasion, Frankel was quick to take action and shared a post on her Twitter announcing, "We'll be in [Kyiv] Fri to meet Ukraine partners & Poland Mon to set up base camps for refugee supplies." Over the span of two days, Frankel and her initiative have managed to collect donations and supplies and have already shipped off their first aid container to Ukraine. Frankel updated her Twitter followers that the donations have now reached $1.5 million and continue to build. 

Speaking with People, Frankel shared updates. "Today, one 40-foot container went," she said. "Tomorrow, two 40-foot containers will go out ... And then Monday, two additional 40-footers will go out, and it's good to sort of stagger because it's a lot more than you can visualize: $10 million in aid is an extraordinary amount." 

While too often celebrities simply share an Instagram post to comment on a tragedy, Frankel makes a point to go to exceptional lengths to take action. She left a touching message with People. "When the headlines fade, we're still finishing a mission. You can't go there, you can't commit to something without following through," she said. "This is looking like it will be the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II ... We're lucky that we can do something when so many people feel helpless."