LuLu And LaLa's One Reason Why They Absolutely Had To Return To The Amazing Race - Exclusive

Television shows have kept many company during the COVID-19 pandemic, when it was easy to feel extremely lonely. People were isolating from others and not leaving their homes, but series and films were there when nothing else was. In fact, series of all genres were eventually able to persevere, including reality shows. They were still impacted, though, just like every person around the world, and like the industry as a whole.

"The Amazing Race" Season 33 was one such show that has not only kept people entertained in a dark time, but also which was greatly affected by the pandemic. In fact, we recently sat down with LuLu and LaLa Gonzalez, twin radio hosts from the Tri-State Area, from Season 33, who revealed all the ways COVID-19 impacted "The Amazing Race." Everyone knew that the show's production took a 19-month break (and that contestants didn't know if the season would ever finish or not), per CNN, but many of the other behind-the-scenes changes were surprising.

At the same time, LuLu and LaLa revealed why they absolutely had to return to "The Amazing Race" once they got the call that production on Season 33 was actually going to resume. (Hint: It directly ties to how the pandemic affected their family during the 19-month filming break).

LuLu and LaLa experienced a devastating loss that motivated them

LuLu and LaLa Gonzalez proved that you don't need to be a muscular man to compete and do well on "The Amazing Race." They approached every hurdle with steadfast tenacity, and showed that they were willing to give their all on this series. This is why they knew they had to return when they got the call that production on Season 33 was going to finish. (Other pairs, like Anthony and Spencer, didn't return post-break, per Reality Blurred). When asked if they ever considered not returning to Season 33 — after all, the pandemic has remained ongoing – LuLu and LaLa, in unison, told us, "No, never."

During the season's 19-month filming break, LuLu and LaLa lost their grandmother, which only further motivated them. "We always thought if we get the call back, we're doing it, because our grandmother always said, 'When you start something, you finish it,'" LuLu explained. "The fact that they gave us the opportunity to finish off the race..." she continued, with LaLa adding, "It was a no-brainer."

"There was nothing that was going to stop us from finishing. We're like, 'We're in...all in,'" LuLu added. The sisters shared with us that they couldn't be with their grandmother at the hospital due to COVID-19 protocols, which made losing her even harder. At the same time, their work as radio hosts was being tested, so everything had the potential to feel overwhelming and never-ending. Therefore, continuing on "The Amazing Race" was a way to funnel their emotions into something that would make their grandma proud — and a beautiful tribute.

You can catch Season 33 of "The Amazing Race" every Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.