How The March 2 New Moon Will Affect You If You're An Earth Sign

If you are someone who enjoys incorporating spiritual practice in with the phases of the moon, it's a pretty safe bet that you have full moon rituals on your calendar; full moons are arguably the most famous of the lunar phases and have inspired everything from folklore to supernatural legends. But a lesser-celebrated phase of the moon can also be a powerful time for spiritual practice: the new moon (via Medium). While full moon rituals tend to be about harnessing the heightened energies and harvesting seeds that were planted, new moons are the time to plant those seeds of intention. This is the time to sit quietly with your inner truth and set clear intentions for what you'd like to build along with the building energies of the waxing moon. 

The upcoming new moon on March 2 will be a particularly healing and inspiring one (via Stylecaster). If you have been feeling stagnant, stuck, or confused, this new moon should help your creative energies to flow more freely and inspire you to see your right path more clearly laid out in front of you. 

If you are an earth sign, here is what you can expect. 

How earth signs will be affected

Taurus, this new moon may leave you feeling particularly altruistic (via Bustle). This would be a great time for you to reach out to those in need in your community to lend a hand or to join a cause that means a great deal to you. Not only will you be doing something to better the world, but you will also feel a needed sense of peace and fulfillment through this act of kindness. 

Virgo, this new moon is going to hit you hard in the realm of your partnerships (via In Style). If something has been feeling off in your marriage or a close friendship, or even a business partnership, this is the time to truly get in touch with your inner wisdom and get clear about what it is that is bothering you and what it is you want these partnerships to look like. 

Capricorn, while you proudly soldier on stoically most of the time, this new moon invites you to connect with others on an emotional level and to open up your heart (via Bustle). If something has been difficult for you or you are weighing a decision heavily, reach out to a friend or loved one to talk it out. You are always such a reliable listening ear, and the people who love you are eager right now to return the favor. Let them.