The Best Wine To Drink If You're An Aries

While some folks are wine enthusiasts simply for the reason that they love learning the taste profiles, regions, and histories of the countless wine varieties in our wide world, others simply like to enjoy a glass with friends. Still others may choose wine over other alcoholic beverages for the decades of research telling us that there are health benefits to a glass of red wine per day (via Web MD). Antioxidants that help slow the aging process, a healthier heart, and a sharper mind are just a few of the upsides to having one five ounce glass of red wine per day for women. 


So if you're deciding which wine to enjoy this evening, you might base that decision on taste profile, on the vineyard that produced it, on the grape it's made from, or on the region from which it hails. But what if we told you some astrologists suggest they can pick the very best wine for your personality, based solely on your zodiac sign? If you're an Aries, here are some thoughts on what wine would best suit your fiery, passionate self. 

Which wine speaks to an Aries?

As an Aries, you're driven, passionate, fiery, and courageous (via Astrology); you aren't about to shy away from something bold, bright, and calling your name, whether it's an adventure, a potential romantic partner, or a perfect glass of wine. So what might be in that Aries-perfect glass of wine? According to Wine Folly, if you'd like a white, they think you'd enjoy what the call a "mouth-zapping" Grüner Veltliner, while if you prefer a red, you might enjoy the boldness of Barbera.


Meanwhile, Astrologer Skye Alexander tells Eating Well that she imagines an Aries would pair best with a young Tampranillo because like this fire sign, this particular wine is direct and straightforward. Like an Aries who will never leave you wonder what they're thinking, this wine will show up as its most authentic, straight-forward self without super-dense complexity or hidden aspects that might trick you into thinking it's something else.  

If you're not sure which of these appeals to you most, there's no harm in tasting them each to determine which wine is really perfect for you, Aries!