Prince Charles Breaks His Silence On The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Over the last week, Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has been condemned by many world leaders, including the typically pro-Russian Czech President Milos Zeman and Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban, per AP News. Several countries including Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, and South Korea have decided to support Ukraine's defense efforts against Vladimir Putin's aggressive disregard for global norms (via CNN).

The U.K. has also denounced the invasion, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeting on February 26 that the nation had "taken decisive action tonight with our international partners to shut Russia out of the global financial system, including the important first step of ejecting Russian banks from SWIFT." Johnson vowed to "keep working together to ensure Putin pays the price for his aggression." 

Members of the British royal family released statements on their own social platforms, and now Prince Charles has also broken his silence on the humanitarian crisis.

Prince Charles condemns Russia's attack on Ukraine

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, visited Southend-on-Sea on March 1 to mark the town's new status of becoming a city, per BBC. The coastal city had lost a member of Parliament, David Amess, to a brutal terrorist attack last year, and Prince Charles called it "an attack on democracy, on an open society, on freedom itself" before condemning Russia for putting "those same values under attack today in Ukraine in the most unconscionable way" (via Twitter). Said the future king, "In the stand we take here, we are in solidarity with all those who are resisting brutal aggression."

Prince Charles' sentiments reflect those of other members of the royal family who have spoken out. Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, also issued a statement "against this breach of international and humanitarian law" while Prince William and Kate Middleton said that they "stand with the President [Zelenskyy] and all of Ukraine's people" (via Twitter).