Why Leonardo DiCaprio Is Irresistible According To His Birth Chart

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most eligible Hollywood bachelors and has been for some time. He's been linked to several different models and actresses (via Your Tango), including actress Blake Lively, Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen, and Israeli model Bar Refaeli. Since 2017, he's been dating 24-year-old model and actress Camila Morrone. Morrone also happens to be Al Pacino's stepdaughter. According to Radar Online, they're still together. However, in his late 40s, he's yet to settle down and get married.


While his good looks are a given, his acting skills are a significant aspect of his allure. Starting out on the sitcom "Growing Pains" in 1985, his career blew up into a slew of blockbuster hits including "The Wolf of Wall Street," "The Departed," "Gangs of New York," "Django Unchained," and he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2016 for "The Revenant."

DiCaprio also tends to pick roles that exemplify take-charge, passionate, and brave characters. Who doesn't remember him cradling Kate Winslet on the ship in "Titanic?" Yet, there's an alluring aspect of DiCaprio that can't quite be quantified.

Leonardo DiCaprio's birth chart shows signs of a seductive personality

Some say a person's allure can be found in the stars. Born on November 11, 1974, Leonardo DiCaprio falls under the Scorpio sign. Scorpios are born between October 23 and November 21. Astrology.com describes Scorpio men as assertive and dominant. Yet they also make fast bonds with people and can instantly relate to others. They're charismatic, intelligent, and work hard to make life the way they want it.


On the softer side, according to Cosmopolitan, Scorpio men are very sensual, passionate, highly romantic, and intense. However, Scorpios can have a dark side, according to the New York Post, and they often use their powerful influence to get what they want.

Still not convinced the Scorpio sign may be behind DiCaprio's allure? Other famous Scorpio men include Mark Ruffalo, Michael Strahan, Adam Driver, Drake, Ryan Reynolds, and Ryan Gosling.