The Humorous Way Andy Cohen Weeds Out First Dates

Andy Cohen is a Bravo TV legend whose name has become synonymous with the "Real Housewives" franchise. Cohen started out as an intern at CBS and ended up at Bravo, where he eventually became the network's head of programming and, of course, created some of the most outrageous reality programming on the air today (via Oprah Daily).

But the "Watch What Happens Live" host entered a new chapter with the birth of his son Ben via surrogate in 2019. He told People in 2021 how single fatherhood has changed his personal life. "Now there's an endgame," he said, sharing that he needs to ask potential dates, "Are you going to be a good stepfather?" 

Besides this requirement, Cohen also prefers certain qualities in a potential partner. "I like very independent people who have their own things going with their own lives," he told the outlet. 

Though fans have shipped Cohen with his long-time friend, broadcast journalist, Anderson Cooper, the pair shared that a romance wasn't in the cards during a 2017 appearance on "The Tonight Show." Host Jimmy Fallon asked about their past, and Cooper opened up, saying, "We were actually set up on a blind date." He added some context, describing it as "when straight people know two gay guys [and] they're like, oh you should meet!" But on their pre-date phone call, Cohen was overexcited by the prospect of Cooper's famous mother, public figure Gloria Vanderbilt. Cooper admitted that this ruled out any romantic future for the pair.

Andy Cohen is a good judge of taste

Andy Cohen's 2021 appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" dug deeper into his standards for a potential beau, and he shared his surefire way to get a sense of compatibility. "When I'm on dates with people, I always want to know what they think is funny and what shows they watch," he told Kelly Clarkson, clarifying, "It's a great way to figure out, to me, are we going to be able to hang together?"

Clarkson called this approach "a very clever way of picking the weeds," though the host said she'd cut a first date some slack if she didn't like their answer to the question. But Cohen quickly replied that if he and his date's tastes and sense of humor don't line up, "I cut and run."

Besides Cohen's go-to icebreaker, he credited cocktails as a vital ingredient for a successful date. He referenced comedian Chelsea Handler's theory on dating, which she explored in one of her many funny memoirs; he told Clarkson that he is "denouncing coffee dates," adding, "I like a boozy first date so you let your guard down."