Body Language Expert Reveals Whether Biden Meant What He Said During State Of The Union - Exclusive

President Joe Biden touched on many issues during his State of the Union address. He spoke heavily on the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can move forward as the virus continues to mutate (via NPR). He called for employees to return to their offices as mask mandates become a thing of the past. Much of what he said left Americans feeling optimistic. According to CNN, the majority of viewers felt positive following Biden's State of the Union address. 71% of those polled by CNN appreciated the speech and the issues covered.

The reaction Americans have to the State of the Union address often leaves a lasting impression on a president's approval ratings. A positive reaction to his speech couldn't have come at a better time while Biden saw his approval rating at the second-lowest they've been since he took office.

While Biden said a lot of things that spoke to the American public during the speech, critics and supporters alike are concerned that there is a possibility he didn't mean what he said.

A body language expert has revealed whether Biden was honest

According to body language expert Dr. Reneé Carr of The Problem Solver, President Joe Biden was being genuine last night. Dr. Carr exclusively told The List, "Throughout his speaking, Biden's hands remained steady. This tells us that he was indeed in a peaceful place and calm. There was no overload of adrenaline in his body due to nervousness or anxiety. Otherwise, he would have had a shaky voice or shaky hands. He was calm in both body and voice. President Biden's hands were folded and relaxed." 

She continued, "Many elected officials and speakers press their thumbs together to self-regulate their body movement and as a way to suppress emotional reactions. However, Biden's hands and thumbs remained relaxed the whole time. This signified that the words Biden was speaking and the plans he was sharing were resolved in his mind and that he is and will remain unwavering in his decisions."

Biden wasn't completely home free, though. "There were a few times when Biden was slightly distracted. When someone yelled out after Biden said, 'never resolve the free world,' when there was another yell than booing after Biden mentioned the loss of military life, and whenever a person or multiple voices spoke at once," Carr added. "This lets us know that, although President Biden was confident in communicating and strategizing his plans, he remains unsure of his support among members of Congress."

However, Carr ultimately concluded, "Even still, his pausing was more reflective of him being in a state of readiness rather than a place of insecurity." This is great news for Americans, who could use the optimism right now.