This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Do Pilates Every Day

Pilates is a form of exercise that virtually everyone has heard of before; however, if you're curious about what it's all about — and how it can benefit you in a myriad of ways — you'll want to keep reading.

Pilates is considered to be a low-impact form of exercise that is super effective when it comes to strengthening your muscles, increasing flexibility, and improving your posture (more on that in just a bit). Some of the best things about this kind of workout is that you can do it with or without equipment, though a yoga mat is definitely recommended because it can provide cushion to your pressure points; you can sign up for a class or do it from the comfort and convenience of your house (online courses from Pilates Anytime, obé fitness, and Daily Burn are just some that get rave reviews); and an investment of 20 minutes a day, three times a week, can get you some pretty impressive results within three to four weeks' time.

Curious about what results you'll see? Here's what happens to your body when you do Pilates every day.

Pilates is great for your posture

Being told to sit up straight so that you can maintain good posture is something you probably heard as a child. What might surprise you is good posture has all kinds of holistic benefits, though. There is plenty of scientific data to support the fact that good posture can help to improve your breathing, relieve headache tension, make digesting your food easier, put you in a better mood, and even make you look thinner.

The thing is that one in four people within the United States actually complain of experiencing back pain at least once in a three-month period, and a lot of it could be directly associated with having bad posture. That's the bad news. The good news is Pilates is a proven way to improve posture over time. That way, not only are you able to walk with confidence and sit with comfort, you can do so much more for your overall health and well-being in the long run too. How awesome is that?

Pilates will give you quite an energy boost

Are you feeling low on energy? If so, you don't always have to reach for that cup of java or a Red Bull. According to a review in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, Pilates is something that can help to significantly improve what is known as your cardiorespiratory capacity, which is a technical term for how your heart and lungs work together while you are exercising.

The reality is that the more your exercise, the more oxygen your brain receives and the better your blood circulates throughout your body. When this transpires, "feel-good" hormones in your system (like endorphins) are released. This not only puts you in a better mood, but it can offer you a boost of energy as well. This may be one of the main reasons why a lot of people prefer to do Pilates first thing in the morning. It can prevent them from running on fumes by the time their final work break rolls around.

Pilates can reduce your chances of catching a cold

Every year, there is a whopping 1 billion Americans who end up catching at least one cold. If you've ever had one before, and we're sure you have, you know that the constant coughing, sneezing, and sore throats can wreak havoc on your day-to-day living. Since there continues to be no cure for the common cold and the average one lasts anywhere between 7-10 days, it's important to know about as many ways to shorten a cold's lifespan and even prevent colds from happening in the first place.

Pilates is one holistic remedy because it's a form of exercise, and exercise has a solid reputation when it comes to strengthening one's immune system. When it comes to Pilates specifically, because it incorporates deep breathing and breathing may help to remove bacteria from your lungs and lower your cortisol (stress) levels — signing up for a Pilates class whenever cold and flu season rolls around can never be a bad thing.

Pilates can tone your body from head to toe

Remember how it was already mentioned that good posture can come from Pilates and when your posture is right, it can cause you to appear thinner? This point works right along with that because another benefit that comes with doing Pilates every day is it can help to tone your body. When you do it on a consistent basis, it helps to strengthen your muscles which increases its tone over time. The more toned you are, the thinner you will appear to be.

Something else that's great about Pilates is it's a pretty effective calorie burner too. Some studies indicate that if you do it, even as a beginner, for around 50 minutes or so, you can lose about 175 calories easily, as noted by Heathline. So, whether you're trying to fit into your new bathing suit or the little black dress that you just bought, Pilates is something that you can have your arms and legs looking absolutely amazing within a few weeks' time.

Pilates will make that time of the month more bearable

If nothing else has convinced you to give Pilates a shot thus far, how about the fact that it can help to make period cramps a lot easier to bear, as noted by an article published in The Medical Journal of Cairo University? Aside from the fact that discomfort comes from your uterus contracting in order to shed its lining once a month, it's pretty common for your stress levels to increase when you're on your period too.

Pilates can be a natural pain reliever because the deep breathing associated with it can help to balance your hormone levels. Not only that but certain Pilates positions can ease the back pain that comes with PMS and cramping. As a bonus, Pilates can also help to improve your body's blood flow which releases endorphins and can relax your muscles. When you factor all of these benefits in together, they help to make your period a lot less painful, which can make it so much more tolerable — with or without the assistance of a little ibuprofen and some hot tea.

Pilates can help you to tap more into your creative side

There are countless reasons why it's a good idea to set aside some time to tap into your creative side. It reduces stress. It improves your mood. It cultivates your imagination. It improves your problem-solving skills. It can do wonders for your self-esteem too. And believe it or not, Pilates can help you to be creative.

A part of the way that Pilates does this is by helping to relax your mind and body. The calmer you are, the easier it is to do things like daydream and come up with ideas that will encourage you to try new things and have more fun. In fact, according to a study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, exercising on a regular basis can help to get you to feel more creative even if you are tired or drained. So, if there's a painting you've been wanting to finish, a book you've wanted to write, or some decorating around the house that you've been considering, you never know — Pilates could be the very thing that can help to give you a creative spark.

Pilates enhances peak self-awareness

There's no way around the fact that one of the best things that anyone can be is self-aware. At the end of the day, self-awareness is all about knowing your strengths and weaknesses, understanding the differences between your wants and needs (and the wants and needs of others), conceptualizing how your thoughts directly affect your actions, being clear about your likes and dislikes, and having a pretty firm grasp on your emotions. When you can function from this kind of mindset, it's easy to handle whatever comes your way.

Because Pilates encourages you to center yourself, remain calm, and stay in the moment, it has a way of making you more mindful, according to the Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices. The more mindful you are, the more self-aware you will become which can increase your confidence and even your ability to problem solve on a myriad of levels. This is one more reason to consider making Pilates a morning activity. You can check the things off on your to-do list so much easier, if you do.

Pilates can work wonders for your sex life

Sex can definitely do your body good. Research reveals that it does everything from lower your blood pressure and decrease pain to improve your self-esteem and keep depression symptoms at bay — and that's just for starters (via Oregon Health & Science University's Center for Women's Health). If you want clearer skin, sex can help you because it naturally raises your estrogen levels. Want to get a good night's rest? Sex can make that happen too. Studies even cite that sex (good sex, that is) can even make you happier! And since Pilates strengthens you, builds up your stamina, and also makes you a much more flexible person, it definitely goes on the list of things that you can do to make your sex life better.

So, whether you want to get a bit of a libido boost or you're looking for a proven hack that can help to intensify your orgasms by strengthening your pelvic floor, Pilates has a proven way of checking all of these boxes in the absolute best way possible!

Pilates makes it easier for you to catch some Z's

Here are some telling signs that you might be sleep-deprived: You're irritable. You can't concentrate. You're tired all throughout the day. You have a difficult time remembering things. It's hard for you to keep your balance (literally). You're not in the mood for sex. You're getting sick more than usual (due to having a weaker immune system). 

What's even more alarming about all of this is, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 1 in 3 individuals aren't getting nearly enough rest, which can also result in an increased chance of getting heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Pilates is beneficial in this area as well because it helps to reduce anxiety and stress levels, so that you can calm your system down. Then you'll be better able to not only fall asleep but stay asleep. So, if you are someone who happens to prefer to work out after work, this is the kind of exercise that can help you to rest more soundly.

Pilates is great for your mental and emotional health and well-being

What if you're someone who considers yourself to be in pretty good physical shape, but it seems like lately things have been a little off for you as far as your mental and emotional state are concerned? If that is the case, did you know that exercise has a way of boosting your brain's neurotransmitters, so that you feel less overwhelmed? Did you also know that exercise can help with your reasoning capabilities? And when you're doing an exercise that is less physically demanding like Pilates, it can also help to put your mind and emotions at ease because it's less about demanding activity and more about tapping into the serene and tranquil side of you.

If you want to exercise more often, but lots of cardio and weightlifting aren't exactly your thing, Pilates has a way of getting you the physical results that you're after while putting your mind at ease at the same time, as noted by a study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine. You will start to feel the effects from day one and things will only get better from there if you stay committed to the process. Remember, only a few days a week is all you need to get great results. Why not try it?