Pete Davidson's Brand New Bar Already Has A Kanye West Connection

Kanye West just cannot let it go. The rapper, now legally known simply as Ye, continues to obsess over his soon-to-be ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and her relationship with Pete Davidson. 

The latest development in this ongoing saga, per People, is the release of a highly disturbing video, which sees West burying a Claymation version of Davidson alive. The clip, for his new song "Eazy," notably includes the instantly infamous lyric, "God saved me from that crash, just so I could beat Pete Davidson's ass."

There's also a reference to "Skete," the unflattering nickname West gifted his love rival in since-deleted social media posts. The words "JK HE'S FINE," also flash on the screen, almost in anticipation of the backlash that's already playing out on Twitter.

"That Kanye video is actually disturbing, Pete needs to sue and file a restraining order," wrote one user. Another pointed out, "If something happens to Pete, Kanye will truly be f****d cause he's leaving all the evidence online."

Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021 and just scored a huge win in her case: She was declared legally single just this week. 

She's been linked to "Saturday Night Live" star Davidson since October 2021, but, despite West's public dalliances with famous ladies like Julia Fox and Chaney Jones, he seems unable to move on from their relationship. And he is particularly incensed by his ex's new choice partner. 

Davidson, meanwhile, has kept quiet, and a recent party at his new business venture seems to suggest that he's not letting anything get to him. 

Pete Davidson's new spot was blasting Kanye West tunes all night

New Batman Robert Pattinson threw an exclusive "after-after party" at Pebble, Pete Davidson's swanky new bar in Manhattan, earlier this week to celebrate the release of his new blockbuster movie. And, according to insiders, partygoers were enjoying plenty of music from the "SNL" star's supposed nemesis that night. 

Page Six quotes an eyewitness, who claimed to have "heard a lot of Kanye" at the star-studded event. "Not many people knew about this party, but most of the music being played was Kanye," they said. Among the hits being spun were "Gold Digger" and "Fade." 

This is despite the fact that Davidson himself was reportedly hosting the party. Although, according to the source, he wasn't actually spotted in attendance. 

In fact, it's believed the comedian was working elsewhere, which was also the reason Davidson missed the most recent "SNL" episode, but he and Pattinson are known to be good friends and "set the party up there" together. "Pete was honored to have the first party at Pebble Bar for 'The Batman' premiere," an insider confirmed.

He invested in the bar alongside fellow celebrities, including "Succession" star Nicholas Braun, actor Justin Theroux, actor Jason Sudeikis, and musician Mark Ronson. In attendance on the night alongside The Dark Knight himself were co-star Zoe Kravitz; her boyfriend, actor Channing Tatum; actor Jason Momoa; and comedian Chris Rock. Momoa described the bash as "epic."