Kate Middleton Reveals A Sweet Detail About Her Family For World Book Day

World Book Day 2022 is March 3, and the British royals are celebrating by their love of reading with the world.

The fact that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall — formerly Parker-Bowles — loves reading isn't a surprise. Vanity Fair calls her one of the U.K.'s "biggest cheerleaders" for reading, and in 2021, she launched "The Reading Room," which Town and Country Magazine describes as "a space for readers and non-readers to find books they love." What started as an Instagram account that included interviews and posts meant to stir conversation, is growing this year.

The Reading Room now has not only its own website, but a section for children's book recommendations. The future queen believes that reading is important for children, as it allows them the ability to see their own experiences, as well as "[give] them perspective on other people's" (via Town and Country). "After all," the Duchess of Cornwall wrote in an essay on the subject, "when we read, we understand ourselves better, we understand others better and we make lifelong friends."

Camilla is inviting more friends into the Reading Room this year to help her celebrate World Book Day. Kate Middleton joined her stepmother-in-law by delivering a video message with her top recommendations for books to read with children. The Duchess of Cambridge has been what Town and Country Magazine calls an advocate for early childhood development, of which reading is an important part.

These are the children's books Kate Middleton recommends for World Book Day

While Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was starting the Reading Room, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was helping to establish the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood Education. The center has stressed the importance of reading to and with children, per Vanity Fair. The duchess also appeared on a children's show on the BBC last month to help promote reading.

Posted both on The Reading Room's website and Instagram account, Kate shared five classic children's books she enjoys reading with her three children: George, Charlotte, and Louis. At the top of the list was "The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark" by Jill Tomlinson, which she recently read on CBeebies Bedtime Stories. "I loved this book as a little girl and listening to my own children reading it has brought back so many wonderful memories," Kate explains in the post, according to the Mirror. "A comforting story to help children face their fears and grow in confidence with the help of others."

The duchess also included "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White in her recommendations. The Reading Room's website describes the book as a "poignant story of a pig, a spider, and a little girl" that is "charming and humorous." As a reason for the book's inclusion on the list, Kate shared that "Charlotte's Web" is an "all-time classic and loved in our house for obvious reasons! This is a charming story about friendship, loyalty, and love."