Classic Pieces Of Jewelry That Are Workout-Approved

Putting on and taking off jewelry can be a chore in itself. Just think of all the times you've taken off your necklaces and rings and stashed them safely before a daily sweat sesh or post-workout shower! But doing so is often necessary because wearing jewelry is neither comfortable nor practical during a workout. Furthermore, there are a lot of baubles that are not designed to withstand water and sweat.

Perhaps you've noticed you have metal jewelry that gets spotty, or leaves greenish grime on the skin? As Self explains, that tarnish indicates that it's not workout-approved. So, in an effort to curate an everyday jewelry rotation that can handle your go-get-'em-lifestyle, you likely need to narrow your search to materials that are up to the task.

Self advises that you avoid gold or silver-plated pieces, which usually have more reactive metals such as copper, brass, bronze, and nickel underneath. Instead, opt for gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, or cobalt, per Fine Metal Working. Next, remember to select appropriately comfortable jewelry that suits the rigors of a workout. Keeping all this in mind, we've compiled a collection of classic jewelry pieces that are both beautiful AND workout-approved.

Tarnish-free bling keeps you workout ready all day

If you want to generate some good vibes for the day, squeeze in a quick workout and keep an open heart — or at least wear one. Free People has teamed up with the workout-friendly jewelry brand OXB, and the collaboration is dripping with more than just sweat.

The brand's Open Heart Chain Necklace is filled with 14k gold to ensure tarnish-free wear and help you focus on your workout goals. Speaking of goals, OXB is a woman-owned business, and each creation is handcrafted by expert metalsmiths, as Today reports.

Choose jewelry that reflects your mood and mantra

Jewelry can make you feel all kinds of ways. As Goop tells us, it can even impart a sense of balance or joy — and these Jan Win pieces are no exception! A quick search of the brand's fine jewelry category yields a bevy of workout-ready beauties, available in 10k and 14k gold options.

Additionally, motivational jewelry brands can provide a specific vibe. Use the 'shop by word' tab to explore necklaces, earrings, and bling by themes such as "balance," "hope," "strong," "free," and other grounding mantras. For example, the yin-yang design of Jane Win's 'balance' themed pendants offers up inspiration for workouts and daily life alike.

One-size-fits-all makes buying rings easy-breezy

Everyone faces fears and uncertainties, whether it's complex life stuff or trying a new-to-you hot yoga class. Sometimes, a little reminder of this can go a long way, so Air & Anchor offers this "courage to kick butt ring" in sterling silver. According to the brand's website, the adjustable ring is 100% nickel-free and comes shipped in eco-friendly packaging. Its adjustable size is designed for comfort and fits any finger with just a few easy squeezes. Plus, Air & Anchor is devoted to stuff that makes the world a better place — like working directly with makers in their Rhode Island community.

Opt for an elegant, yet edgy earring

If you're a fan of ear candy, then the drop-chain earring is a modern take on a classic look. This delicate droplet-shaped white topaz earring from Maison Miru toes the line between elegant and edgy. Crafted in 14k gold, it passes the sweat test and can make the midday shift from zoom meetings to the gym.    

Maison Miru's website makes it easy to discern between solid gold and sterling silver — and you can also check out their cute gold-plated options. What's more, you can sort by piercing location: lobe, nostril, daith, etc. Because the brand makes it easy to build sets for multiple piercings, you can either buy a single earring or a pair.

Sweatproof jewelry is all the buzz

If you're the type who routinely takes off all jewelry before your daily cardio workout, then this piece is about to save you precious time. Air & Anchor's Bee Cigar Band Ring in Sterling Silver is a perpetual pop of whimsy that goes with the flow, from vinyasa to spin class and beyond.

Per Fortune, the brand is the creation of former Alex and Ani employee-crafters Omar and Rachel Ajaj. The husband and wife team offers plenty of stylish ring and bracelet options, all of which are workout-approved.

These sweat-proof rings are stacked in your favor

Stackable rings don't often make sense for workouts, but these delicate rings from Free People are a game-changer. As Self reports, the brand's OXB line is tarnish-free, streamlined for comfort, and designed with your workout in mind. The three-ring sets are hypoallergenic, gorgeous, and weight-room ready. They come in either moon or heart-shaped themes.

Remember that no matter which jewelry you go for, you can't lose with any of these workout-approved beauties.