How Many Weddings Have We Seen On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Weddings are part of the backbone of soap operas. There's nothing like a good wedding to bring all your favorite characters into one place and have several storylines take place at once, with the romance of a wedding as the backdrop. 

It's also often the culmination of years of star-crossed love, with the bride and groom fighting what seemed like impossible odds to be together.

In recent years, most "The Bold and the Beautiful" weddings have taken place in the Forrester living room as large location shoots are not the norm on soaps anymore due to budget constraints. 

But there was a time when "B&B" weddings were elaborate affairs that took place on the beach or by a zip line, with one wedding even ending with a gorgeous hot air balloon ride into the blue sky. 

After 35 years on the air and characters marrying multiple times (sometimes to the same people), the show has seen its fair share of weddings, with TVOvermind reporting there have been a whopping 90 weddings as of 2018. Since then, we have seen several more, all taking place in the Forrester living room, for a total of 93 in 35 years (if you don't count the weddings that never resulted in an actual marriage).

Let's take a look back at a few of the most famous weddings on "The Bold and the Beautiful" as well as its most recent.

Steffy took a zip line to marry Liam

Steffy Forreseter has always been one for adventure, especially before she was a married mom with two kids. 

While we aren't sure if a wedding is in store for the 35th anniversary of "The Bold and the Beautiful," as of this writing, the show celebrated its 30th anniversary on an Australian location shoot that had Steffy taking a zip line rather than a walk down the aisle to meet her intended, Liam Spencer, at the altar.

"What can I say? Steffy is an adrenaline junkie," actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood told TV Insider of her character. "She's not about to show up at her wedding like a normal bride. She'll ultimately have her princess moment, but she always wants to push the envelope by doing something dangerous — as if there's not enough drama in her life already."

That marriage to Liam sadly didn't last as he ended up kissing Sally Spectra and she sought comfort from Liam's dad, Dollar Bill Spencer. But Steffy is happily married again, raising Liam's daughter, Kelly, and her son with her new husband.

Steffy marries again in the Forrester living room

In the last few years, quite a few people have gotten married or almost married right in Eric Forrester's lavish living room. This time, Steffy Forrester married Dr. John Finnegan, and the ceremony went off without a hitch. However, the reception was a different story.

While Steffy and Finn made the perfect bride and groom and everything looked absolutely stunning, a big problem arose when the groom's biological mother, whom he had never met before, showed up to wish the happy couple well. 

While Finn had never met this woman in his life, Steffy sure had. It was Sheila Carter, the sociopathic woman who once shot both Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes. Steffy fought long and hard to make sure her new husband understood who his real mother was and that she could not be trusted. As of this writing, that seems to have worked.

Brooke and Eric's hot air balloon wedding was unforgettable

Although Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) first had eyes for Ridge Forrester (then Ronn Moss, now Thorsten Kaye) when "The Bold and the Beautiful" premiered, he married Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson), leaving Brooke all alone. 

But she wasn't alone for long. Brooke had done her best to get Ridge into bed and get pregnant, but, when she lost the baby, Ridge went back to Caroline. And it was Ridge's father, Eric Forrester (John McCook), of all people who gave Brooke the emotional comfort she needed.

That emotional comfort soon turned to physical comfort, and Brooke became pregnant again, breaking up Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and Eric's marriage in the process. Feeling he was in love with Brooke, Eric married her in a lavish outdoor wedding and surprised her with a hot air balloon to take them to their honeymoon. 

That episode re-aired in 2020 when the soap had to shut down production due to COVID-19 and spent several months airing classic episodes.